A blast at MIHS

Upper grade students at Marshall Islands High School welcomed incoming freshmen and new teachers with signs, songs and good spirits last week. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Marshall Islands High School (MIHS) stirred up the new school year’s first activity with a smashing start, the school’s welcome party. The welcome party has been a school tradition in welcoming incoming pre-nine, regular nine, transfer students, and new teachers and staff.

MIHS Student Body Government Officers, grade level officers from 10th to 12th grades, Miriama Maqosa, and the school administration welcomed more than 400 transfers and new students, including 9 new teachers and staff.

The officers outdid themselves with the decoration and the flow of the program that finished on the targeted time. As the start of the program went into action, already the students went into high gear and danced with exuberance regardless of the rainy weather. Section after section came with escorts as they went through the entrance not holding back their high energy of dancing.

However the new teachers and staff did not follow the same routine as the students did due to the weather. They remained in their seats while the officers gave leis to them. After everyone of these students were ushered to their seats with lei gum balls on their necks, performances were already beginning.

Various talented performers like the Kuikui Kiribati dancing group, soloist Lilia Jack and Joenathan Defan, as well as robotic dancers Noah Joseph and Joshua Kawakami really put on a great show. To keep the program flowing without any pause and hiccups, activities such as question and answers as well a freeze dance were implemented to keep the crowd intact.

If they participated and won from the activities they collected some interesting prizes. As the program reached its conclusion, the school came together to surprise and celebrate the school Principal Barbara Ned’s 46th birthday. Marshallese traditional birthday songs were sung and gifts of gratitude were given to the Principal, concluding the program on a high note.


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