A ‘first’ at MIHS

MIHS new SBG officers signed their oath of office last week. From left, Secretary Leilani Bejiko, Treasurer Henjila Delacruz, VP Britney Jibas, Athletics Girls Ritok Zacharias, Athletics Boys Renny Joseph, and President Carles Jetnil. Photo: Goodwind Silk.

Six elected members of Marshall Islands High School Student Body Government were sworn-in last Tuesday during a school assembly. This is the first time the biggest high school in the nation has pulled off this feat.

The outgoing SBG officers came up with this idea and brought it to the attention of the school administration.

The school’s Principal Barbara Ned was initially reluctant to approve it given the rarity of this procedure. “It has never been done before and it will be the first time in our school history if we attempt this,” she said to the outgoing SBG President Wilmer Joel. “We need to make sure what we’re doing is aligned and uniform with other schools.”

On the day of the assembly and the proposed swearing-in ceremony, the principal sought the advice of the top-ranking official in the Public School System — Commissioner Kanchi Hosia — on a phone call.

The Commissioner said on the phone that he didn’t see anything wrong with this initiative as it will help students to learn transparency. After he endorsed the proposition, the school was able to carry on with the program addressing the crowds of students and teachers who were waiting for the assembly to start.

MIHS Vice Principal of Academic Affairs Timoci Ratidara administered the oath of office and blessed the officers with a prayer. The titles of the new SBG officers were written on a gift sash that was worn around their shoulders. They vowed to turn the school around.

After the assembly, the students shook hands with the officers. The officers then signed their oath at the school’s conference room.

The new SBG lineup: President Carles Jetnil, Vice President Britney Jibas, Secretary Leilani Bejiko, Treasurer Henjila Delacruz, Athletic Girls Ritok Zacharias and Athletic Boys Renny Joseph.


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