MIHS students practice lockdown

An MIHS student delivers and receives classwork from teachers at a drop zone at Jenrok Demon Town main road. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


A week has ended since Marshall Islands High School (MIHS) started initiating its Covid lockdown practice and as scheduled, last Friday (January 15) the entire student body from Rairok to Rita submitted their school work in the 30 designated drop zones.
Students had to drop their previous learning packets with their folders and get their final learning packet before 4pm and continually follow the same process that took place last week.
Within these drop zones protocols were enforced to be followed when students entered the drop zone. They had to be six feet apart from the teachers and had to cleanse their hands with hand sanitizer after handing in their class assignment and receiving their new class assignments for the final week of MIHS lockdown.
“This practice was very challenging without a teacher,” said MIHS student Kenel Joab. “But it has taught me how to tackle my school assignments despite any disturbance of an epidemic or a pandemic.”


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