AG steps up trafficking action

Representatives of the Attorney General’s office, the US Embassy, the Asia Foundation and others gathered for the launch of the RMI’s Legal Case Management System for Human Trafficking cases. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

A low-key launch by the Attorney General could have big implications for oversight of trafficking in persons.

Last week, US Embassy officials joined with representatives of the Asia Foundation and the Attorney General’s office for the official launch ceremony of RMI’s Legal Case Management System for Human Trafficking cases. The launch was emceed by Assistant Attorney General Lometo Philippo, Chief of the Civil Divisional the AG’s office.

This is one of several efforts the RMI government has made over recent months to tackle trafficking issues relating to this county. It also is a positive response to the US government’s Trafficking in Persons annual evaluation, on which the Marshall Islands has continuously scored poorly in recent years. This year, it was demoted to “Tier 2 Watch List,” the rank next to the Tier 3 blacklist.

“This case management unit is crucial in trying to organize what we’re trying to do,” said US Embassy Lance Posey at the event held at MIMRA’s conference room. “It makes a huge difference. We sometimes forget the management aspect of things. So we appreciate and congratulate you guys for deploying this essential tool. Hopefully you will ensure the victims receive the services they need and traffickers will be held accountable.”

Posey described the launch of the AG’s new management system as “another step in the right direction.”

He said there is a need to upgrade the RMI’s ranking on the annual Trafficking in Persons report not just to attract investors but to solve the problem.


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