Ajidrik’s now RN Restaurant

Journal May 11, 1982

P1 Ajidrik Restaurant to reopen under RN management What used to be called “Ajidrik Restaurant” is  now an RN Restaurant, renamed after the new wife and husband management team of Norman and Roselind Matthew, owner of what used to be called the “Runway Snack Shop,” which is now also called RN Restaurant. 

P2 A good idea Notice to everyone who recently opened a new bank account, got a new return address, or juste plain got smart: You can get Rubber Stamps thru Micronitor. They are a a great convenience and don’t cost an arm and a leg. You may want stamps made with the name and address of your suppliers, girl or boy friends, or just family members off-island that you send papers and letters and (Oh Darn!) money to.

P4 Ebb & Flow This weak is the annual Marshall Islands High School open house. If past experience is any guide, get there early for bargains from the vocational classes: furniture, plants, clothing, food and more goes fast…The first issue of the Marshall Islands Government Gazette rolled off the press this past weekend. The Gazette was established by law last year to provide for publication of laws and other notices. As pointed out by the President’s message, the Gazette will also function as a government newsletter. Press Secretary Mason Altiery is the editor.

Journal 5/13/1994

P1 Jet set party goers More than 100 Nauruans breezed into town aboard an Air Nauru charter flight last Thursday to celebrate the 85th birthday of Lupe Reimers, wife of RRE founder Robert Reimers. The group arrived late on Thursday and went straight to the Reimers’ Rita residence, where they carried on singing and dancing until six the next morning. Then there was another big party Saturday night with daily, RRE employees and friends. Our Nauru neighbors sang and danced some more. All in all, quite a weekend for Lupe.

P3 Don’t forget about Marshall Islands, Clinton panel told A powerful American senator encouraged President Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments to include the Marshall Isalnds in its investigation. Senator John Glenn (D-Ohio) spoke to the panel in late April about its role in helping the US government to “come clean” about a “shameful” part of US history. The advisory committee was formed in the wake of revelations earlier this year that the US government used its own citizens for radiation experiences during the 1940s and 1950s.

P11 Only one 24-hour job on outer islands Life on the outer islands may seem laid-back and stress-free. And perhaps it is for all but one person: each island’s health assistant, who is responsible for everyone’s health care on a 24/7 basis. People come knocking on your door at any hour of the day or night for an assortment of ailments, including headaches, a fishing hook caught in their foot, diarrhea, and a broken arm from falling from a coconut tree. 

P20 Weisgall: It won’t happen The attorney for the Bikinians believes that the nuclear waste proposal is a “non-starter” that isn’t likely to get off the ground. “There is a prevailing opinion that nations should be responsible for their own toxic wastes,” said Jonathan Weisgall. “Even with a willing recipient, it won’t come. You’d need the entire 7th fleet to guard it from terrorist attack.”

P23 All in the family For winning the CMI Foundation Day 1994 raffle, Robert Ned received two roundtrip tickets to Honolulu on Air Marshall Islands and a one-week free stay at the Waikiki Ilima Hotel from CMI Vocational Director Greg Sammer. Robert’s sister Tomiko sold him the winning ticket, which won her a Sony Walkman, presented by CMI Director of Planning Marie Maddison. Poud father Alfred Ned joined his winning children for the presentation.

Journal 5/13/2005 

P1 Justin demanding PRC bribe inquiry Demanding transparency and accountability from RMI leaders, Kwajalein Senator Justin deBrum has called on President Note and Speaker Tomeing to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate “recent information that members of the United Democratic Party have accepted financial contributions from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).” DeBrum also sent a letter this week to Attorney General Atbi Riklon asking him to “vigorously pursue an investigation in order that every citizen can have complete confidence in the integrity of the government.” President Note said the RMI government has not recede any money from the PRC and that any loans or other money individuals may have received is a personal matter that does not involve the RMI government.   

P2 Snight’s day for glory Ailuk’s Rice Snight sailing on Ilo Etan won the National Cup’s largest canoe ironman race last Saturday in Majuro, the third time he’s won the arduous test of traditional skills. Second place went to Jaluit’s Anaur Laroj on Aire and third to Namdrik’s Morton Jikit on Lightning. In the smaller canoe category, Kili’s Manbwij Bajo on Moriba took out first place in the iron man (Kune Jubar).