Ambassador visits Rongelap

Journal 5/30/1975
P10 With the magic rectangle here, can the flag be far behind?
Suddenly it’s not the same old Majuro. There has a been a dramatic change both in what people do and talk about.
The most apparent change is noted on Sundays when a drive down the district center road uncovers crowd of people standing before open doors peering into the roofed darkness.
Their gaze is fixed on a rectangle of light emanating from new mysterious boxes that boggle the imagination: a bionic man lifts a pick-up truck effortlessly, Muhammad Ali dances artfully with his fists flinging magnetic curses of pain and anguish, and skiers defy their wingless-ness in stupendous flights of aerial fancy.
Television has only been on the island a few months, but already the effect is profound.
Journal 6/5/1992
P3 President Kabua leads big group to world environment summit in Brazil
President Amata Kabua left Majuro Tuesday, heading a large delegation of Marshalls officials who will attend the global environment summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development is bringing together thousands of government leaders and environmentalist for 20 days of meetings and debate on what can be done to improve the world environmental outlook.
Of particular interest to the Marshalls, President Kabua said recently, is UNCED’s focus on the Greenhouse Effect that scientists predict will result in the ocean level rising one to three feet in the next 50 years.
In addition to President Kabua, Foreign Minister Tom Kijiner and Health and Environment Minister Henchi Balos are attending the meetings.
Also participating from the Marshalls will be Speaker Kessai Note, UN Ambassador Carl Heine, Cabinet officials including legal advisor Greg Danz and cabinet clerk Amenta Matthew.

P11 Marshalls and Egypt establish formal links
Wilfred A. Kendall became the first Ambassador of the Republic of the Marshall Islands to the Arab Republic of Egypt on Saturday, May 1, 1992. Ambassador Kendal presented his credentials as non-resident Ambassador to the President of Egypt, Hosny Mubarak.
P14 Going out in style
Ambassador Bill Bodde picked the right crew when he joined in with Ronnie Reimers, Baron Bigler, and Stephen Phillip. During the half-and-half tournament early last month, he hauled in most of the fish and helped land the record-breaking 230-pound marlin caught on 50-pound line.

Journal 5/25/2001
P1 Right on, Rongelap!
American Ambassador Mike Senko was all praise for the Rongelap community after visiting the atoll last week. “My impression was very clear that the Rongelap community is very organized and is targeting its efforts extremely well,” said Senko. “Jerry Kramer’s PII is doing a great job up there — the airfield is making great progress… they have a good power supply and roads.
The Mayor of Rongelap, James Matayoshi said this week: “The present of the US Ambassador on this past field trip was a great opportunity for the US Federal government to see first-hand the progress that is being made at Rongelap.

P9 Yo heave ho!
Former President Imata Kabua’s sports fishing boat Jilala II was relaunched this week after a major overhaul and beautification program.
Kabua was in Hawaii on the day, but Kirt Pinho (smoking his signature fat cigar) and a ton of other Majuro movers and shakers were on hand to watch the boat be airlifted into the Majuro lagoon at the Robert Reimers Enterprises gas dock.