Australia-RMI ties celebrated

Australian Ambassador Brek Batley awarded the grand prize — a roundtrip for two to Australia on Nauru Airlines — from the Australia Day bash last Thursday to Corrie Lejjena, left, and his wife Loredel Arieta. Photo: Hilary Hosia.


Corrie Lejjena became the luckiest guest to attend the Australia Day celebration at the Marshall Islands Resort last Thursday after winning the event’s grand prize: round trip tickets for two from Majuro to Australia.

Corrie, like all who attended the cocktail event, received door prize tickets, where the lucky winner would be called up on stage to provide the correct answer to the riddle on their ticket.

Like major events in the Marshall Islands, Australia Day celebration began with a prayer, followed by rendition of the RMI National Anthem performed by singer Lewa Turaga and signed by Majuro Deaf Center students.

Minister of Education, Sports and Training Wilbur Heine on behalf of President David Kabua raised a toast to commemorate the special relationship between RMI and Australia. President Kabua was off island attending the inauguration of the new Kosrae government happening the same day.

“Australia and Marshall Islands are like-minded,” Ambassador Brek Batley said in his remarks. Brek said the Australian Embassy has the easiest job which is to make the RMI and Australia relationship stronger.


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