Bible now in Kajin Majol

What we were saying way back when

Journal 7/26/1983

P1 Bible translation celebration held The Marshallese people on July 25 became the second group of people in Micronesia (Kusians were the first) who now can read the world’s best seller — the Bible — in its entirety in their own language. Copies of the Bible were presented to members of the Translation Review Committee in an ecumenical celebration and dedication of the new translation at Uliga Protestant Church. The joint translation was done by the United Church of Christ, Catholic Church, Assemblies of God and Seventh Day Adventist Church and began 15 years ago.

Journal 7/28/1995

P4 Outer islanders cashing in on copra Copra production in the Marshall Islands is on target for breaking the post-World War II record of 7,348 tons set in 1970. Tobolar Copra Processing Authority statistics show tat from July 1994 to June 1995, copra production reached 7,217 tons, a 57 percent increase over the same period in 1993-1994, which only 4,604 tons were produced.

P12 Ujae outrigger sails to Majuro It took Thomas Bokin several moments to recall when he last saw a late voyaging canoe (walap) on his home island of Ujae. After some thought, he said there were three outrigger canoes on Ujae at the time the Japanese took over from Germany — a bit before 1920. But by the time he was growing up, the three canoes had been cut down to small “tipñol” size for travel inside the lagoon. “A lot of people said we couldn’t do it,” said Bokin, the master builder who supervised a crew of men on Ujae who worked on the 48-foot voyaging canoe. “People on Ebeye and Majuro said we didn’t know how, that all the old canoe builders were dead. But we didn’t believe that. We knew we could do it.” This is the first canoe of its kind built in the Marshall Islands in something like 70 years. It arrived in Majuro July 20 after sailing from Ujae.

P13 Likiep born clams head for new homes The government-sponsored clam hatchery on Likiep is farming out clam “seeds” to islanders in Jaluit, and soon in Aur, Ailinglaplap, Ailuk and Arno, according to Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority Director Danny Wase.

P19 ADB spending big for RMI, FSM The Marshall Islands and FSM are featured in an Asian Development Bank report on first quarter investments. The ADB report says that the Marshall Islands and FSM will hold meetings in Manila in December to discuss policy reforms needed to cope with the anticipated “massive drop in revenues” from the US. The Marshalls and the FSM are being provided with $2.5 million each to establish the first policy advisory teams for economic management in the Pacific region.

Journal 7/28/2006

P3 RMI $1m for Ebeye power, water Responding to appeals from Kwajalein leaders, the RMI government has earmarked $1 million for power and water fixes for Ebeye’s troubled power plant.

P23 Tomorrow’s leaders of RMI create a vision Where will the Marshall Islands be in 2020? The answer still isn’t clear, but a group of 50 Marshallese in their 20s and 30s spent last Saturday at the Marshall Islands Resort’s Melele Room in a first of its kid symposium to debate the future of the RMI. The Antoone 2020 (or Visioning 2020) symposium, which included young participants from the government, non-government organizations and private sector, started off with a traditional Marshallese chant about “those who have a goal” by Waan Aelon in Majol’s  Alson Kelen. The symposium kicked off with presentations on key issues affecting education, health and the private sector.


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