Big goals for Nauru Hotel

Journal 4/29/1983

P1 Army wants to get along better with Marshallese The Army is moving to normalize relations with the Marshallese community on Kwajalein within the framework of self-sufficiency, according to two Army civil affairs officers sent out to make recommendations. Lieutenants Milo Manley and James Molini from a civil affairs battalion at Ft. Bragg were detailed to the Army’s Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command, which has no civil affairs experts on its staff. The command operates the Kwajalein Missile Range. On a brief visit to Majuro as part of their assignment, they explained that Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Noel Koch had requested that the Army use some of its own resources to try to promote better relations on Kwaj. According to the officers, Koch said the Army was planning to stick around Kwaj for a long time and the military and civilian communities should work out ways to get along. During the landowners’ occupation last summer, Koch gained a reputation as a hard-liner in dealing with the demonstration. For the first time, KMR will have a public information officer, due to arrive in mid-May. In the past, the Army has taken the position that no news — good or bad — should appear about KMR.

P2 Among other things By Akio Heine Seems like the ladies of the night are determined to take over the management of the new dock from the Majuro Stevedore and Terminal Company, Inc. Don’t hold your breath when you go there during the daytime and don’t see anyone. Being night creatures, they are seldom out or seen during daytime. But at night, it is a hamlet unto itself out there…

P4 Nauru hotel to be finished within 2 years “Give me all the manpower and materials, and the whole hotel complex will be done in two years,” project engineer for the Nauru Hotel, Joe Bertoni, said April 29. Twenty-four rooms of the 60-room hotel will be ready by the end of the year, he said. There are 51 people now working on the hotel. When completed, the hotel complex will have a tennis court, a swimming pool, gift shops, a banquet hall, a foreign exchange office and a Japanese restaurant.

Journal 5/5/1995

P15 Kwaj knocks off Jets, Hawks outgun Kiribati A huge crowd turned out to see a Kwajalein team blow by Majuro’s Continental Micronesia Jets, 81-65, and the Rita Hawks run away from the Betio Eagles, 96-78, during Constitution Day sports competition in Majuro.

P18 Ronnie’s 305lb marlin wins tourney Last week, fisherman Ronnie Reimers wasn’t even in the top five in President’s Cup points. After Saturday’s Gibson’s Jackpot tournament, he’s number two, breathing down the back of front runner Bwiji Aliven. Ronnie hauled in a 305 pound monster marlin and another 120 pounder, vaulting him up the President’s Cup list.

P19 Patients enjoy Sometimes it pays to be in the hospital. Saturday was one of those days. Robert Reimers Enterprises provided free tickets to every inpatient at Majuro hospital Saturday night who wanted to attend the Kapena concert on the beach at RRE. The company laid on transportation for the patients, and most of them ended up with front row seats for the performance.

Journal 5/5/2006

P3 Spear aims to do the hardware business best American Tracey Spear bought Do It Best hardware store from Almon Chen this week in the biggest business deal to hit the capital in several years. Spear has been involved in supplying construction materials to US-affiliated islands for 24 years. “This is a great business with great employees,” he said. Bringing in new hardware products, lowering prices and improving customer service are Spear’s aims for the Delap-based business.

P4 ADB rates RMI ‘below average’ The Marshall Islands came out below average in the Asian Development Bank’s 2005 “country performance assessment” ratings. For the first time, ADB publicly released its ratings of 10 Pacific countries. The average for all 10 was 12.1. The RMI was rated at 11.5, the same as Kiribati.


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