Bikini divers out of luck

Front pages for 1884, 1996 and 2007.

Journal 10/19/1984

P1 Eona Simon is graduated from FBI Academy In a September 14 rebased, William H. Webster, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, announced the law enforcement officers who graduated from the 138th session of the FBI National Academy. They were honored in ceremonies at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Among several from the Micronesia region completing the course was Eona L. Simon, Detective Lt., Marshall Islands Police Department.

P5 Top chef Chef John Paul Jones kept track of everyone’s barbecued steaks at the Lanai’s fourth birthday party. The Lanai is the islands premier steak house. They also put on the best parties in the Pacific with dancing girls, beautiful waitresses and a complete bar selection.

P13 Lighting strikes A bolt of lightning knocked out Ebeye’s out-going telecommunications capability last week, leaving the island unable to initiate communications with the outside world for several days.

P16 Unidentified pinch hitter An unidentified Japanese fisherman stole the show last week at Delap Field. After a few cups of sake and a few Kirin beers, he decided he would like to pinch hit for Disco Power in their game with Jemeluit. The teams did not think that was a god idea and had the umpire, Watley, throw him out of the game. His ship left for Japan the next day but he vowed to return with a team to challenge the champions in January.

Journal 10/25/1996

P10 Marshallese style The new MEC hotel in Jaluit is attracting plenty of visitors to the atoll. The $50 a night rooms are popular with locals and newcomers to the Marshalls, and recently the room have been fully booked. “It’s Marshallese atmosphere, but British style design,” said MEC General Manager Billy Roberts (who is a Liverpool fellow by way of origin).

Journal 10/26/2007

P10 Bikini divers out of luck Air Marshall Islands Dash-8 could return to service by Monday next week, but Bikini officials have been told by AMI to cancel out next week’s group of eight divers scheduled to head to the northern atoll next Wednesday.

P19 Beautiful Batkan Improvements in management of Majuro’s landfill dump in the seven months since Majuro Atoll Waste Company (MAWC) took over have been nothing short of astounding. The company began operations at the Batkan/Jable landfall in March, and garbage spilling onto the main road, mountain high piles inside the dump, and dozens of people picking through the garbage for food, cans and other items of value are a memory of the past.

P27 Nuclear explosions the Skagway way Alaskan high school students Shelby Surdyk and Erica Harris put on a dramatic presentation about nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands, the relocation of the Bikini Islanders, and US government attitudes about nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands — as well as a widely known legend about a family of boys with one arm, one leg and one eye that offers an important message that you should listen to what your mother says. They performed around Majuro as well as at Ebeye. They were here to conduct further research on their school project.

P31 Poll candidates hang up on party line In the 1990 national election, the bid deal was the United Democratic Party’s group approach to campaigning against what was then simply the government party. By the time the 2003 election rolled around, the Ailin Kein Ad party had fully formed, and so we had two clearly identified grouping of politicians duking it out for voter preference. But in 2007, we seem to have rolled back to the pre-1999 campaign style of every man (or woman) for themselves.