Billfish chaps head to Kona

Front pages from 1981, 1993, and 2004.

Journal 8/21/1981

P1 Teachers object to contract plan A hearing on controversial contracts for all elementary and high school teachers ended abruptly August 15 at Marshall Islands High School cafeteria when it was apparent the teachers did not like the idea that they would be on one-year contracts while other government workers would continue on permanent hire.

P5 About Tin Roofs and Palm Trees by Mary Browning “The graceful plan, the source of much sustenance and many other needs for people of the islands, shielding a roof of curly, bare metal from the blazing sun, is a sight that is repeated endlessly in the South Pacific,” writes Robert Trumbull. And is is from this most typical island scene that he takes the title of his book, “Tin Roofs and Palm Trees” (1977). As a foreign corespondent for The New York Times and a highly respected one, Trumbull has followed events in Asia and the Pacific for many years. His 1959 book, “Paradise in Trust,” was another thorough and preceptive piece of reporting and caused some discomfiture in certain circles — a good sign. In Tin Roofs, his chapter “The Rusted Trust,” has probably done the same.

P10 Mejit airfield dedication Plans are underway for the 28 August dedication of the new 3,000 foot Mejit airfield.

Journal 8/20/1993

P1 China keen to invest One year ago, nobody in the People’s Republic of China knew where — or even what — the Marshall Islands was. Today, the flood of Chinese government representatives and quasi-private businessmen coming to the Marshalls to look at investment possibilities speaks to the energetic promotion campaign of Ambassador Laurence Edwards.

P4 Nitijela session opens in new hall A standing room only crowd watched the opening of the 14th Constitutional Reglar Session of Nitijela August 16. What made this session special was the fact it was held in the newly opened Nitijela Hall.

P6 Catholic Church becomes Prefecture Apostolic A two hour mass Sunday, during which a letter from Pope John Paul II was read, and a celebration with music and dances into the early morning hours heralded the independence of the Marshalls Catholic Church from the Diocese of the Caroline Islands.

P13 Thousands turn out for capital dedication Thousands turned out for the dedication of the new capital complex last Thursday and Friday, feasting on food, dances and music from all over the Pacific. After accepting the keys to the building, President Amata Kabua told an overflow audience sitting in the capital rotunda that the complex is a “shining symbol of the democracy that will endure to affirm and uphold the principles of fundamental human rights and freedom.”

Journal 8/13/2004

P4 Tribunal records mass filing for all RMI islands People representing most islands and atolls in the northern Ratak and Ralik have filed notices with the Nuclear Claims Tribunal that they intend to file land damage claims — and just in case any island was left out, Attorney General Atbi Riklon filed a notice minutes before the deadline expired July 30 saying it was the AG’s intention to file claims for every island in RMI.

P6 More talk on fuel prices Mobil Oil Micronesia President Jeff Borja and RMI Minister of Public Works Mattlan Zackhras met at the end of July in Majuro to discuss concerns by the RMI government and a series of issues which include Mobil’s pricing, operations and supply logistics.

P24 Cup chaps head to Kona A delegation of dudes from the Marshalls Billfish Club is headed to Kona next week to participate in the 18th annual Big Island Marlin Tournament. This year’s Presidents Cup winner Scott Howe and Atjang Paul winner Melvin Aliven are currently packing their bags for the trip, as are 2003 winners Ronnie Reimers and Timothy Anok.