Bwiji, Ronnie vie for Cup


Journal 7/5/1983

P1 Are you registered to vote? Voter registration is now open for the 7 September plebiscite on the Compact of Free Association and the November Nitijela elections. Chief Electoral Officer Shiro Riklon said there are about 12,000 voters presently registered. He estimates there are 2,000 to 3,000 eligible voters who are not registered.

P2 Message from Reagan US President Ronald Reagan endorsed the Compact of Free Association by video tape. He urged voters to study the issues and vote according to their own opinions. On one of the tapes, Marshallese was dubbed in. Some of the viewers were so amused by Reagan speaking Marshallese that they did not listen carefully to the message.

P2 Anjain against 177 Rongelap Senator Jeton Anjain said today he is for the Compact of Free Association but against the 177 agreement to settle nuclear testing claims. Because the nuclear claims are bound up with the Compact he must say no to the package.

P4 President honored Women’s groups from Majuro threw a party to honor President Amata Kabua following the signing of the Compact on 25 June. A Laura group serenaded and President Kabua on the electronic organ with his band of Captain Moses Cama on ukulele and Fred Pedro on guitar returned the favor. 

P6 Katsuobushi factory to open The Nankatsu katsuobushi factory is scheduled to open in August, according to Albottar Jamore, a partner in the Japanese-Marshallese company. The company will hire about 50 locals for training on the company’s six fishing ships, which are arriving Majuro 6 July. 

Journal 7/7/1995

P1 Ground broken President Amata Kabua joined with PII’s Jerry Kramer and landowner Charles Muller to officially launch construction of the government’s new 150-room hotel in Delap last Thursday.

P1 Angling for a showdown The Marshalls Billfish Club’s annual two-day fishing tournament this weekend is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in its 13 years. Not only is AMI offering roundtrip tickets anywhere it flies for a team that breaks a club record, but a showdown is brewing between two of Majuro’s best fishermen that will decide who wins the prestigious President’s Cup and a place on the team that represents MBC at the Hawaii International Billfish Tournament in Kona. Teenager Bwiji Aliven is the defending President’s Cup holder but just a handful of point are keeping him ahead of Ronnie Reimers, who has won the Cup twice and wouldn’t mind becoming the first Marshallese fisherman to win it three times.

P22 Heavy metal guys win Down Under They came, they saw, they conquered. A gold, four silvers and a bronze medal: all in a couple of days work for the Marshall Islands Wrestling Association. The Oceania Wrestling Championships in Melbourne pitted the Marshalls team against wrestler from five states in Australia, New Zealand, Guam and Palau. “We surprised everyone,” said team leader Andrew Bing. “Before the matches, people were saying, ‘Marshall Islands? Where’s that?’” he said. Afterward, everyone was talking about the unheralded Marshallese wrestlers, he said.

Journal 7/7/2006

P2 Tourney goes live The 24th annual Marshalls Billfish Club two-day July fishing tournament kicks off this Friday with a weigh in at Uliga Dock. “NTA is installing al one to the wharf so that we can be connected live to the Internet,” said MBC President Melven Aliven. “A lot of people who live off-island are interest in the tournament and now they will be able to see it live.”

P4 RMI athletes bring home 20 medals Marshall Islands athlete brought home 20 gold, silver and bronze medals in eight sports at the Micronesian Games in Saipan.


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