Can you spray that again?

In the photo, RMI EPA’s Aaron Langinlur and Paul Paul are spraying disinfectant on dry cargo coming into RMI by plane at Amata Kabua International Airport in Majuro. Photo: Louie Sailas.

At the direction of the Chief Secretary and National Disaster Committee, the RMI EPA organized a vector team to decontaminate incoming cargo.

All the mail that enters the RMI is subject to decontamination by the EPA vector team, said EPA General Manager Moriana Phillip. Mail arrives on pallets that teams spray. Then this large volume of cargo is unloaded and broken up into several piles, then sprayed again to ensure as much coverage as possible to prevent any possible coronavirus transmission. 

Phillip also advised people picking up mail from the post office to take precautions with their own decontamination procedures at home and to wash hands frequently.


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