Carl has his day in court

TW-pic-3-17Journal 3/21/1975

P7 Ebeye seeks help from Congress

Businessmen in Ebeye are seeking help from the Congress of Micronesia to help solve their shipping problems. According to Ebeye Chamber of Commerce president James Milne, shipments to Ebeye from Japan are now transshipped or air freighted from Majuro. “We have been asking for direct service, but no one is helping us,” he said.

He explained that losses resulting from poor shipping is being passed on to consumers. Tiger Line, operated by United Micronesia Development Association, has scheduled a direct service for Ebeye in June.

Journal 3/20/1992

P1 Iroij Henry honored

Senators and Ministers alike took to the floor Friday in a special meeting of the Nitijela to eulogize former Senator and Iroij Henry Samuel, who died Thursday evening after an illness. Samuel, 68, had retired at the end of last year after three successive terms in the Nitijela as an elected representative of Majuro Atoll. He had been in the Congress of Micronesia prior to his three Nitijela terms.

P11 Chief Secretary sees value in ‘reduction impact assessment

Chief Secretary Oscar deBrum, who chaired last week’s heads of public service conference in Majuro, told the delegates from around the region that it was timely that a main theme of the meeting was civil service reform.

He observed that, “It has come to be accepted the public sector has not been able to deliver the goods” and there there was a great need to reevaluate the role the public service in the small economies of Pacific island nations. During the same conference, President Kabua addressed the need to cut back the public sector and government-provided services to stimulate a more productive economy.

P17 MIHS runs classy restaurant

Marshall Islands High School is a great place to be at for the students during school hours to learn and be with friends. And, also a great place for the teachers during lunch time. MIHS has set up a small restaurant inside the campus as part of the vocational training program. It consists of students (girls) from various classes with Darleen Zicafoose as their instructor.

Journal 3/21/2003

P8 Wase calls for domestic issue budget

If the government wants progress on education and health care improvements, an elimination to domestic violence and improvement to job opportunities, then it has to budget for spending in these areas — and get its ministries to cooperate with one another. And in order to insure the national budget reflects government aims in these areas “ministries need to be aware of gender issues and understand how to integrate them into our public expenditure management.”


P22 Francis’ new workhorse

Francis Reimers on Monday took delivery of a 37-foot powerboat that he’s going to use as a passenger and supply vessel between Majuro and Arno. Reimers imported the smartly turned-out boat, which he’s going to call Lakubelele (Four winds), from Canada.


P23 Carl has his day in court

From the President and Cabinet Ministers to fellow lawyers and relatives, the High Court’s main courtroom was packed last Wednesday for the swearing in ceremony of new acting Chief Justice Carl B. Ingram. Rev. Jude Samson conducted the oath of office for Ingram, as his wife Camilla held the Bible.