Cast goes full blast

The cast of the musical Carousel are practicing daily to prepare for six nights of performances at the International Conference Center in Majuro the first week of March. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


With just over four weeks till the opening night at ICC, the cast of the Youth Bridge Global production of the musical Carousel are going full throttle in their rehearsals at the Marshall Island High School Library.

Under the direction of Music Director Jacob Donohue, the cast is starting to memorize the songs in Carousel more quickly and pleasingly wonderful for the ear to hear — just three weeks into rehearsals.

“Wow! I never knew we could get this far in just three weeks,” said cast member Morris Jekkar of MIHS. Meanwhile, Professor Andrew Garrod makes sure the cast memorizes their lines by heart, as well as making sure the cast performs with a lot of energy and liveliness.

On the other hand, Producer Bonny Taggart and Associate Producer Joseph Collum are making sure the rehearsals are well organized — by making sure the cast are healthy and clean, as well as being fed after rehearsal.

Though there are some minor complications for the cast, such as reaching practice late or forgetting their scripts, Professor Garrod and his production team are making sure problems like this get solved. As we all know, Professor Garrod and his team first brought magic to Majuro through these plays we enjoy since 2004. In fact Carousel is Professor Garrod’s 16th play, evenly split between Shakespeare plays and Broadway musicals.

Each play he brought left Majuro in amazement and in awe for the past 16 years. What about Carousel? Will this play leave us on our feet and astounded as the other plays in past? Does the cast have what it takes to put on a good show? Don’t know about you, but I would suggest that you come to ICC the first week of March. From March 2 to 7 at the ICC, you will your find answer.

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