Climate teens profiled

Thomson Reuters Foundation cameraman Benj Binks from Australia films Litokne Jowalan Kabua on a boat ride from Ebeye to Kwajalein as part of a film on teen climate activists. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

Of the 16 child petitioners who filed a complaint to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child in September last year, three are from the Marshall Islands.
Teens Litokne Jowalan Kabua, David Ackley, Jr. and Ranton Anjain joined children from 12 other countries to protest the lack of government action on climate change, especially by the superpowers that contribute the most to climate change.

Following the teens’ rally at the UN last year, a news documentary team from the Thomson Reuters Foundation visited their homes and families on Majuro and Ebeye earlier this month with the hope of showcasing a closer look about who the child petitioners are.
Reuters Producer Nicola Milne, who is stationed in London, and cameraman Benj Binks from Australia said they enjoyed their trip.

Litokne is a student at the Kwajalein Army base while David studies at Assumption School in Majuro and Ranton attends Xavier High School in Chuuk.

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