Cooking up a storm

SEP summer program students cooked up a storm using locally grown vegetables to make tasty lunches. Photo: Taiwan Health Center.

Taiwan Technical Mission’s nutritionist, Cynthia Lee, took center stage at the Sports and Extracurricular Program’s summer session earlier this month, imparting essential culinary skills and empowering middle school and elementary school students to embrace healthy dietary practices by making Taiwanese homemade dishes.

The event, designed to enhance the RMI’s food security and healthy dietary habits by utilizing Taiwan Technical Mission’s farm production, featured a hands-on cooking session where 20 student participants made their own dishes: Ground pork stew with radishes and carrots and bok choy with fried eggs.

Students were happy about the event. Their enthusiasm and delight were palpable, as their faces lit up with joy while learning and preparing the dishes. Many expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn from the Taiwan Technical Mission nutritionist and showed a willingness to participate in the next similar program.

Taiwan Technical Mission’s efforts in the RMI extend beyond just the cultivation of vegetables. By equipping the students with valuable culinary knowledge, the Mission has sought to promote healthier eating habits in the club of the Marshall Islands High School, summer program, and other community events.


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