Copra in real need of a fix

Journal 3/11/1983

P1 Bikinians tell US Vice President they want US care A delegation of Bikinians returned today from Washington, DC where they told Vice President George Bush and other US officials that they want a home other than Kili until they can return to Bikini. Not only do they want a place other than Kili or Ejit islands in Majuro, they want a home where they can be together and under the care of the United States. Magistrate Tomaki Juda and Senator Henchi Balos led the 11-member group.

P2 Ebb and flow In the past it used to be Kwajalein landowners with big checks had to wait weeks for them to clear back to Kwajalein. With the new satellite communications, banks here can phone for instant verification…The Majuro boat channel bridge is just about finished…Baseball Saturday: Nine to Five defends its reputation against the AMI Angels.

Journal 3/17/1995

P1 Copra overflow Copra production on the outer islands is surging to levels not seen in 10 years as a result of improved transportation services. The January production of 814 tons was almost two and a half times what was brought into Majuro a year ago January, according to Tobolar Copra Processing Authority statistics. February’s load dipped to 650 tons, but this was three and a half times greater than a year ago February. The tremendous outer island production has been stimulated, in part, by increased copra pickup visits by the government’s Micro ships, following directives from the President’s office for better service.

P4 New at USP The first group of students has entered a program at the University of the South Pacific Extension which will enable them to enroll at the USP main campus in Fiji. Danny Muno said this would be the first of many groups.

P5 Real man A friend of ours told us that until you have a bowling trophy, you’re nothing in this town. So the return of our vaunted Around Town columnist Grant Gordon, after a few years out to pasture, is notable not only for the fact that his pithy prose will delight some while leaving others aghast (no one is neutral on the subject of Grant’s AT), but also that he is a veritable bowling champ, playing for the league leading Tide Table team. To date, he’s even bowled the best scratch series in the Classic League at Majuro Bowl. And if you don’t know what a scratch game is, boy you’re sure out of the mainstream. So stay tuned for  more of Grant, a guy who’s definitely a cut above nothing.

P20 Local DJ Gerry Smith, whose noontime show was a regular feature on V7RR on Fridays, is taking a break from spinning disks these days. He was the brain behind the Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson appreciation show that he hosted some months back, when the pair were married. We all hope he gets bored with his extra time on Fridays and gets back to the radio soon.

Journal 3/17/2006

P1 Copra industry needs a big fix Tobolar is operating at less than 40 percent of its capacity because of a shortage of copra, with the main problem being poor shipping and the lack of Tobolar’s involvement in transporting copra, says a recently issued detailed review of the RMI’s copra industry. “There is påresently little confidence in the conduct of the copra trade and in the capability and capacity of shipping services,” the report for the RMI government and the Asian Development Bank says. Currently Tobolar pays 12 cents per pound to outer island copra makers.

P4 Fountain, Wally take out triple ‘T’ ‘tourney The Majuro Atoll  Tennis Club is serving up a weekly tournament called Tuesday Tuna Tennis Tournament that began last week and will continue through December. The inaugural tournament was a success with more than 20 players turning up. The winners were Fountain Inok and Wally Milne, whose lucky families will be eating tuna sandwiches for the next few days. The prize was presented by MIMRA Acting Director Samuel Lanwi.

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