Covid team reviews response

A large group of RMI authorities joined this week for a three-day “after action review” of the Covid situation in RMI. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

Minister of Health and Human Services Joe Bejang officially launched the Covid-19 After Action Review (AAR) forum Wednesday morning at the International Conference Center (ICC).

The three-day review will cover actions taken prior, during and throughout the pandemic since RMI declared State of Health Emergency on Covid pandemic.

“It is my honor, on behalf of His Excellency President David Kabua and Cabinet, to welcome you to this flagship event convened by the National Disaster Committee under the theme ‘Covid-19 Resilience Recovery — the path forward,” Minister Bejang said in his opening remarks.

“We have a full agenda ahead of us over the next three days,” he said. “I urge all of you to actively participate in the discussions as I have tasked Chief Secretary to report back to Cabinet on key issues and concrete recommendations coming out from this AAR.”

Minister Bejang recognized the front liners for their selfless efforts and amazing work on combating the pandemic.

Key partners including Taiwan, US Centers for Disease Control, SPC and WHO were recognized for their substantial support towards the AAR, including technical support from IOM/SPC/Taiwan Health Center collaborations.


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