Desire to learn trumps locked gate

MIHS students want to go to school as demonstrated by these boys who were not deterred by the front gate being locked Tuesday shortly after 8am — they headed to the ocean side reef to get into the campus and to class. Photo: Wilmer Joel.

Marshall Islands High School students want to go to school.
The school’s policy of locking the front entrance gate after 8am to prevent entry of students who are late has not deterred some students. Some dedicated students who arrive after 8am to find the front gate locked head to the ocean side reef to get into the campus so they can attend their classes.
Confirming that transportation difficulties affect many MIHS students, on Wednesday, a Journal reporter counted over 40 MIHS and Middle School students from Rairok to Delap waiting for transport between 7:30-7:45am, meaning they were going to be late to school and face a locked front gate.


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