Drunk thief steals truck

Journal 10/10/1970

P3 Stolen truck hits ship, taxi, tree… A large grey Mazda truck was stolen early last Tuesday morning. But before it was recovered by police two hours later, the intoxicated driver collided with a ship, hit another vehicle three times, ran into a new house under construction, and finally stopped after hitting a coconut tree.

P7 Mind over matter? Again, it’s sad to admit, no matter how you look at it, Majuro’s Psychological Fire Company is just that. Our fire fighting ability (600 gallons per minute with a 500 gallon capacity truck) is almost nil. But when equipment malfunctions as it did last week at Clara’s fire, it is nonexistent.

Journal 10/11/1996

P7 High rollers Last week saw the start of Majuro Bowl’s newest and biggest-ever league. High Rollers of both sexes are competing for the chance to win $2,000 and the honor of displaying the President’s Cup.

Journal 10/12/2007

P1 Ni-hao Taiwan is sparing no expense to ensure a successful second Taiwan Pacific Allies Summit this weekend in Majuro — and Marshall Islanders have been out in force beautifying Majuro for this weekend’s influx of international summit representatives. With the exception of Palau President Tommy Remengesau, Jr. and his delegation, everyone is being flown in by Taiwan government-chartered planes. Presidents and delegations from Nauru, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Palau will be arriving this week.

P1 Divers out of luck All domestic flights ground to a halt Wednesday as Air Marshall Islands only plane suffered mechanical problems in Kwajalein, stranding about 30 passengers heading to Bikini and Rongelap. This is the second time in two months that all planes have been grounded and flights to the outer islands halted.

P3 Bruce: ‘They made it’ Taiwan Ambassador Bruce JD Linghu acknowledged that several weeks ago he was nervous about the conference center being finished in time for this weekend’s second Taiwan Pacific Allies Summit. “Now I have no doubt the International Conference Center will be ready to accomplish this regional event,” he told V7AB in a live interview. On a walk through the $5 million facility Sunday, “I found that it was 97-98 percent completed.” Pacific International Inc. construction crews have been working close to 18 hours a day to complete the center.

P4 This week’s hot story Everyone is now taking climate change seriously. What was once a big “maybe” off in the future some time, has now come to be the subject of daily discussions among governments and media reports. “The face of the world is changing,” commented a short story in the August issue of National Geographic. “The past 12 years have experienced 11 of the globally hottest on record and by 2100 the world is expected to be significantly warmer.”

P9 Plant ready to bloom Pan Pacific Foods tuna loinng plant is expected to begin processing fish by the end of November. Zuliang Zhang, president of PPF RMI, and Don Xu, plant manager, gave the Journal a tour of the under construction facilities and talked about plans for opening.

P32 RRE opening The official opening of RRE’s new market stall area is happening this Saturday, the stalls are being rented out at $15 each, and we hear that the yachts will be manning at least one to sell lots of used nautical gear.


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