Ebeye students enjoy Majuro tour

Ebeye students at Majuro's Alele Museum last week. Photo: Hilary Hosia.
Ebeye students at Majuro’s Alele Museum last week. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

Ebeye Calvary High School seniors stopped by the Alele Musuem in Uliga as part of their weeklong educational tour in Majuro last week.

The students also visited the President’s Office, Japan Embassy and various agencies in the tour. All 26 members of the senior class made the tour, making Calvary High the third Ebeye student visit to Majuro this year.

On hand to welcome the seniors at the Cabinet Conference room was Acting President John Silk, Minister-in-Assistance to the President and Environment David Paul, and Minister of Culture and Internal Affairs Amenta Matthew.

The Acting President welcomed the educational group on behalf of President Heine. The students gained a better understanding of Cabinet after listening to Silk, Matthew and Paul explain their portfolios and responsibilities as ministers. In addition to the ministerial portfolios and responsibilities, the study group learned about the roles and responsibilities of the staff at the President’s Office.

During the visit, Silk provided the student group with a check. Receiving the check on behalf of the group was their teacher Manaini Senivonokula.

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