EPA, MALGov trap flies

TW-pic-1-22Journal 1/24/1975

P1 Nakayama’s address underlines major problems facing Micronesia “What are we going to do for the people of Micronesia?” said Senate President Tosiwo Nakayama in a dramatic departure from the Kennedy standard phrasing. The question was asked during the opening week of the newly convened Sixth Congress of Micronesia in Saipan. Nakayama added that the Congress must begin whatever it is going to do immediately.

P4 Bye-bye Federali Case of extradition or what? A swift moving American cop from Kwajalein, in conjunction with a couple of local policemen from Majuro, picked up Hawaiian Raynard Firaira last week in Majuro and hustled him off to Kwajalein. According to former workmates of Ray’s at Tibrikrik’s restaurant, Ray was charged with taking some money. He was supposed to have worked seven years on Kwaj as a baker. Ray spent one night in jail in Majuro and left without saying anything to his wife and family, the former workmates report.

P5 Letter: Source of 25¢ contribution to Nixon campaign uncovered in Majuro I just finished reading your January 10, 1975 edition (for which I paid the sum of 25¢). I was very interested in the nine articles you printed concerning news and happenings from Tonga. New and old views of Tonga are a special interest here in Micronesia. Keep up the good work and bring us more news of the local happenings from Tonga. /S/ John Paul Jones.

Journal 1/25/1991

P3 Edinal Jorkan new Nitijela clerk When you visit Nitijela these days while the meeting is still going, you would be surprised by the new Nitijela clerk. You might have expected to see the lady who used to work there as the clerk, Rufina Jack, but nowadays it’s a man. The new clerk is Edinal Jorkan. He is a man whose career is filled with much experience: Foreign Affairs, hospital, Resources and Development.

P6 Jaluit High School first semester honor roll, 12th grade Mithen Clement, Charls Lomae, John Henry and Clanney Mook 4.0; Randy Alik 3.85; Rubida Alik 3.66; Patricia Patrick 3.57; Tijen Tibon 3.33; Hetmy Lomae and Alsen Morris 3.16; Helty Kilma 3.14; Valentine Konou and Harold Aikuij 3.0.

P6 Assumption High School awards second quarter, 12th grade honors Jonathan Santos 96.33, Simpson Lanwi 94.67, Regina Aliven 88.5, Marty Jacob 86.83, Monica deBrum 85.83 and Maria Lanwi 85.67.

P23 Don’t get bugged: EPA and MALGov set fly traps Majuro nowadays is full of flies. When people go to picnic sites, they always find flies around. People are disgusted to go to some places they had always frequented before. But the EPA has stepped in to combat flies. EPA working with MALGov built fly traps to place around Majuro.

Journal 1/28/2000

P3 Kenneth catches a whopper Kenneth Kramer caught a whopping 463 pound marlin that dashed Rudy Aliven’s hopes of a tournament win with his 33 pounder, during Saturday’s Marshalls Billfish Club tournament.

P4 More N-test documents During a meeting between US Embassy and Foreign Ministery officials last week, Ambassadodr Joan Plaisted presented another box of nuclear test related documents and CDs to Foreign Minister Alvin Jacklick. It brings the total number of boxes provided by the US to 78. The CDs were provided to the College of the Marshall Islands and the Nuclear Claims Tribunal. Joining in the presentation were Secretary Marie Maddison, Army Liaison Tom Keen, DOE’s Bill Jackson, US desk officer Tina Stege, Washington Ambassador Banny deBrum, CMI administration director Carl Hacker, CMI librarian Maxine Becker and deputy chief of mission Mike Spangler.

P18 Huge jump in purse seiners generates big money for RMI The number of Asian and other purse seiners using Majuro as a transshipment center more than doubled in 1999 compared to the previous year. This generated approximately $5 million in direct revenues to the government, said MIMRA Director Danny Wase.