Film crew wowed by Wotho work

Swiss film crew on Wotho with handicraft creator Jota Elanzo. Pictured from left standing: Patrick Tresh, Fabiano D’Amato, Thibaut Darscotte, Megan Schellhase and Emmanuel Getaz with Wotho handicraft creator Jota Elanzo (seated) and family. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

It’s one thing to admire Marshallese handicrafts online or at the stores. But witnessing the creation and step-by-step intricate work and watching the handicraft forming in front of your eyes is an experience to die for.

To top that, you get to take the handicraft home with you. Such was the case with the Swiss documentary film crew who shared the handicraft making moment with Wotho handicraft creator Jota Elanzo.


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