Mental health gets boost

Numerous government VIPs joined with Dr. Holden Nena, center, who is the clinical director of Human Services, to break ground for the first-ever Human Services stress ward and crisis unit on the grounds of Majuro hospital. Photo: Eve Burns.

The recent groundbreaking for the RMI’s first-ever Human Services stress ward and crisis unit moves plans from the drawing board to the action stage.

Asian Development Bank and RMI Covid funds are supporting the new facility, putting priority on a long-neglected area of health in the Marshall Islands.

“The biggest struggle for mental health was where to put patients when they are acutely confused, aggressive, or families just can’t take care of them when they are acutely agitated,” said Dr. Holden Nena, the clinical director of Human Services. The new facility will support these and other needs.

“Once we get this step settled and more acute and more needed services are provided, we can then turn our attention to a facility/shelter that can house and care for chronic and neglected mental health patients.”


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