Group of 43 arrives Majuro, Kwaj

‪Former First Lady Arlin Tomeing (left, top) is greeted on arrival Tuesday at Amata Kabua International by Ministry of Health and Human Services staff in full PPEs. She is among seven fully vaccinated people quarantining at Arrak, while 36 others are in quarantine at Kwajalein. Photo: Hilary Hosia/Office of the Chief Secretary.

Former First Lady Arlin Tomeing ‬was among 43 people who arrived in the RMI this week Tuesday to begin a two-week quarantine. Seven people deplaned at Majuro for isolation at the Arrak Quarantine Facility, while 36 are quarantining at the US Army Garrison — Kwajalein Atoll.

‪Deputy Chief Secretary Abacca Anjain-Maddison said Wednesday in a V7AB radio broadcast that all 43 tested negative for Covid on arrival in RMI‬.

This group, which is fully vaccinated, is the second group to arrive in RMI after a reduced quarantine period of seven days in Hawaii. Prior to September, the RMI required a 14-day quarantine in both Hawaii and RMI.


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