Haley Nemra at the Games

Journal 8/17/1984

P10 Nitijela gives MIDA broad power The Nitijela gave final approval to Bill 20 to reconstitute the Marshall Islands Development Authority. The Development Authority — known as MIDA — is established as the business arm of the government. The bill gives broad powers to MIDA too promote and assist with development projects, establish, subsidize or participate in any enterprise, and to assist in forming companies for the purpose of carrying on business enterprises.

P19 Block road Policeman Obet Leviticus was directing traffic at the police roadblock last Monday. The Majuro police issued 52 tickets to taxi drivers who didn’t have a chauffeurs license. Another 26 cars were stopped because they were not registered.

Journal 8/16/1996

P1 Unak in victim It is claimant versus claimant in a battle for what is left of Nuclear Claims Tribunal funding. The problems: The Tribunal is projecting that there will be $100 million in total personal injury claims by the year 2001, but it has only $45 million to pay.

P6 Letao has landed If you don’t want your head turned into papaya or demons to come out of your catchment tank, then you better hustle over to see Letao perform this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at RRE on the beach. Letao has arrived from America with a cast of other characters from Honolulu Theater for Youth who will be performing “…And the People Spoke Music: Stories of the Marshall Islands.” They will be joined by Youth to Youth in Health which has 30 or 40 young folks whose island music and dancing are guaranteed to liven up your evening.

P14 PA system problems put Nitijela on hold Nitijela opened up a week ago Monday, held a brief session Tuesday, and then has been off the air since. The reason is the public address system in the chamber is not functioning. Local technicians have been working on it for the past two weeks but without success.

P17 Ebeye beats Majuro champs Ebeye’s Eokojaja flew out of Majuro Saturday celebrating their wins over the two top basketball teams in Majuro. On Wednesday, they knocked off the Golden Jets 77-72. Two nights later, they demolished Majuro’s champion Rita Hawks, who looked sluggish next to the quick Ebeye players. Final score, 72-64.

Journal 8/17/2007

P10 Quotable We heard a story the other day that happened in a taxi. A taxi driver, aware that Dennis Alessio recently left the islands, looked at his passenger, Alson Kelen, and asked bluntly: “Is the WAM program still operating?” Alson looked over and replied: “Why? You don’t trust me?”

P10 Heading for Samoa We’ll find out shortly if Jeton “Zulu” Anjain, Jr. and Waylon Muller’s nearly one year of hard training will pay off. The wrestling duo heads off next week to represent RMI in the upcoming South Pacific Games. Wrestling Federation head Francis Silk said Waylon is the defending gold medal holder in his weight class from the last mini-SPG in Palau two years ago, so he’s got a title to defend. “They are confident and know they both will bring a medal home for RMI in Samoa,” Francis tells us.

P31 Haley heads to Japan games Haley Nicole Nemra, 18, will be competing for the RMI in Osaka, Japan next week in the World Championship in Athletics, the premier track and field competition. Nemra recently won two bronze medals in the Oceania Championship in Apia, Samoa.

P32 Solar deal With last Friday’s signing of a solar contract for Ailinglaplap, the RMI became the first Pacific nation to access new European Union alternative energy funding worth $1.5 million.


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