Internet ‘cheaters’ caught

Journal 8/28/1981

P1 Fire! The government’s main administration building burned to the ground before dawn August 24. The 35-year-old US Navy built quonset housed the Chief Secretary, the Attorney General, the Auditor General, Finance, Immigration, Social Security, Revenue and the Marshall Islands Credit Union. Two nearby government warehouses were also destroyed in the fire. “We are trying to determine the amount of loss — it is in the millions,” said Minister of Internal Affairs Wilfred Kendall. He said money could not replace the valuable papers and records lost.

P9 More water shipped A second shipment of fresh water was picked up by the MV Kolle D August 26, the same ship which last week picked up and delivered water to Nauru. According to Captain Jim Brunton, the reason or the special water trips is the very critical shortage on Nauru.

Journal 8/27/1993

P1 Having a good time The Majuro Tennis Club had a “friendly” competition Saturday to farewell Jim Plasman, who left last week. There was at least as much socializing as tennis playing but that’s what Saturdays are for. Enjoying their tennis were Patrick Chen, Mike Konelios, Kessai Note, Justin deBrum, Henry Sua, Danny Wase, Oscar deBrum and Tamar Smith.

P2 Kosraeans believe exposure to radiation is causing illnesses Kosraeans who lived and worked at Bikini and Enewetak in the late 1960s experience illnesses that they say are caused by exposure to the radioactive environment at the former nuclear test sites. Kosrae Senator Alex Phillip told the Journal this week that a group of 31 Kosraeans was on Bikini from four months to two years in the late 1960s. “While on Bikini, they worked to build 44 concrete buildings and 44 water catchments” for Bikinians who planned to return home, he said.

P3 All-Micronesia tournament slated for October The first All-Micronesia Fishing Tournament will be hosted by the Marshalls Billfish Club in Majuro in October. Billy Roberts, chairman of the club’s organizing committee, says teams have been invited from Guam, Saipan, Palau, Kiribati, Nauru, Tuvalu, Kwajalein and the four FSM states.

P11 RRE exports baby giant clams for aquariums Approximately $1,000 worth of vibrantly colored baby giant clams spawned and raised at the RRE clam farm in Mili will be air freighted to the US for sale to aquarium owners.

P12 More non-smoking flights The Marshall Islands is now part of the non-smoking chain in Micronesia. Beginning September 1, all Continental Micronesia flights to and from the Marshall Islands will be non-smoking, reports Continental Manager Betwel Lekka. FSM went cold turkey August 1.

Journal 8/20/2004

P3 NTA targets Majuro Internet ‘cheaters’ The National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has discovered multiple instance of hijacked Internet accounts and illegal long distance telephoning on Majuro, according to NTA General Manager Tony Muller.

P8 An army of Ri-Majols In the largest-ever induction of Marshall Islanders into the US Army, 21 young people in Majuro swore their allegiance to protect and defend America.

P14 Note praises Saeko The Ministry of Finance and Secretary Saeko Shoniber were praised this week by President Kessai Note in his opening address to Nitijela for being the first of all US-affiliated islands and territories to complete the 2003 financial audit.