Iron Man highlights MIR’s 21st

Marshall Islands Resort’s 21st anniversary Saturday featured a day of activities, including the Kone Jubar (Iron Man) race. The canoe portion of the race featured exciting competition. Photo: Hilary Hosia.HILARY HOSIA

Marshall Islands Resort celebrated its 21st anniversary Saturday with a full day of festivities, including the famed “Kone Jubar” or Iron Man race.

Ten canoes signed up for the Kone Jubar competition. Each canoe had a team of two, with the exception of a bigger canoe that required three men to sail.

To win the Kone Jubar race, canoes must race towards Ejit Island, make a u-turn towards Delap, where one member must sharpen their own husking spear, husk six coconuts and weave a basket before sailing back to the resort.

Since Alson Kelen blew the horn to start the race, Gordon Note’s canoe Deep Blue Sea took the lead and maintained a half-mile gap from the other canoes throughout the race. Deep Blue Sea received the first prize of $900, plus a $20 bonus for husking an extra coconut.

Peter Robert’s canoe Kowak came in second, followed by Albert Albertar’s Double 200.

Other activities included bottom-fishing tournament with coordination from Majuro Urok Club, local weaving and craft making by students from Waan Aelon in Majol.

Below are results from the Urok Club tournament:

First place with a total of 113lb, Team Kottar Ta; second place with total of 68lb, Team Libukwe. The biggest fish prize went to Team Libukwe for their 17lb Jawe; second biggest fish went to MALGov 1 with a 10lb baan.

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