Isaac’s daily performance

TW-pic-11-27Journal 11/19/1976

P2 Hawaiian police to administer impartial law in territory Honolulu Police Department officers will soon be hired to help improve the police system in the Trust Territory. Police Major John Yee of HPD discussed with the Acting High Commissioner Peter Coleman and Public Safety Chief Manny Sablan, plan to recruit 11 police advisers to Micronesia.

P5 Ebeye hearings Rep. Patsy Mink of Hawaii and Rep. Won Pat of Guam represented a subcommittee of the United States House of Representatives during hearings on Ebeye in July 1976. After hearing several hours of testimony from Ebeye residents, Kwajalein workers, and medical authorities, Rep. Mink publicly stated for the record that she was “shocked” at the Ebeye situation. Hundreds of residents filled the island’s Protestant Church for the hearing.

P8 The ‘real’ word Pacific Communication Corporation president Kirt Pinho this week clarified what he says is the “real situation” concerning rumors that PCC was considering shutting down its Majuro operation. “In last week’s paper, it was not clear that all we talked about was shutting down the cable service and changing over to a transmitter,” he said. He added that completely stopping service was not even considered.

Journal 11/30/1990

P10 Establishing diplomatic relations Marshalls Foreign Minister Tom Kijiner handed over a diplomatic note to People’s Republic of China Froeign Minister Qian Qichen in Beijing earlier this month. With Kijiner was undersecretary of Foreign Affairs William Swain.

P14 Officer Isaac keeps traffic moving, drivers smiling You can enjoy it each weekday morning. Just be outside Calvary School between seven thirty and eight a.m. For then Patrolman Caleb Isaac entertains his regular fans with his sparkling display as the principal dancer in his own choreographed creation. Majuro’s first public display of a non-story ballet. Officially he is directing the traffic at the Calvary School crossing. But if you’ve seen him you know that he’s not one of the dull, drab, disinterested mechanical traffic directors. Isaac is possibly one of the most impressively turnout men in uniform on Majuro. With a dramatic vocabulary of steps and movements, he surely keeps the traffic flowing. Isaac uses his body in a way is both mechanically efficient and artistically pleasing so when drivers get the big white fist in front of them, they happily stop. For they know with a minimum of wasted time they will be sent forward — either with Isaac’s softball or windmill pitch, or the twin armed spin and point. Majuro’s number one ballet star. A man who acts with drama, dignity and style so the children are safe and the traffic flows.

Journal 11/26/1999

P1 Ain’t over till Fat Lady sings Several Nitijela races look to be decided by just a handful of votes. The following races will likely be turned on postal absentee ballots, which will not be opened and counted until Tuesday next week. Results to date: Ailuk Maynard Alfred 295,  Hemos Jack 291; Mejit Helkena Anni 243, Sapong Keju 217; Wotho Kunio Lemari 88, Fountain Inok 85; Maloelap Mike Konelios 260, Lomes McKay 233.

P10 Constitutional duty Patrick Chen how has two claims to fame in the Marshall Islands: he is the first naturalized citizen in the RMI, and preliminary results in last week’s election indicate he is on his way to being the first naturalized citizen to be elected to a local council seat (Arno).