Jacklick, Kelen and the ‘quake

TW-pic-10-23Journal 10/22/1974

P1 Tribute to insincerity She slipped by quietly and without much to-do but she did come at least. It was National Port Day, a day celebrated September 30. Supposed to be a recognition of the fact that commercial ocean ports in the Trust Territory play a vital role in Micronesia’s economy, the day was declared by TT Deputy HiCom Peter Coleman. What was not mentioned by the government on this day was the fact that airports, and not sea ports, have held and continue to hold prior claim to budget requests. Thus the proclamation smacks of insincerity.

P3 120 jobs? The Trust Territory is to receive part of a $396,621 grant from the US Labor Department in 1975 because the area has a high unemployment rate. The money will be used by public agencies. This could mean employment for as many as 20 people from each district, based on salaries of approximately $2,000 per year.

P9 The lone woman Carmen Milne Bigler, the only woman candidate for the upcoming November 5 Trust Territory-wide Congress of Micronesia election, received a big plug story from the Micronesian News Service this past week. Carmen is opposing incumbent Rep. John Heine, along with former MLSC trial assistant Hemos Jack and TT Health Planner Chuji Chutaro. On being a woman candidate, Carmen said: “I don’t feel any different. I believe that there are women that can do the job men can. I think there are many capable women just like there are many capable men.” How could anyone disagree with that and expect to get along?

Journal 10/27/1989

P3 Nauru ‘heavies’ beat RepMar cops Probably the most exciting game for Independence Day was the tug of war held at Delap field last weekend. In the championship tug, Nauru Local Government Council/Gateway won first place, beating the national police.

P16 And you thought Ebeye was bad? Kwajalein Mayor Alvin Jacklick and Majuro’s Robert Kelen had the bad luck to be in San Francisco last week when the big earthquake hit. But they had the good fortune of getting out of San Francisco with no injuries. Jacklick was in a third floor room when the walls and floor began shaking, and desk lamps and telephones began bouncing around. Without shoes or a shirt, he said he dashed out of the building and into the street where thousands of people from nearby buildings were already gathering. Kelen said he had been buying a calculator at the time the quake hit, and ended up outside holding onto a tree so he wouldn’t fall down.

Journal 10/22/1999

P1 Our man at the UN As his wife Cathy Relang held the Bible, new RMI Ambassador to the United Nations Jackeo Relang took the oath of office from Judge H. Dee Johnson during a ceremony at the capital Monday.

Who’s running for Nitijela? Ads carried in this edition: Helkena Anni (Mejit), Kenneth Kramer (Likiep), Mies Peter (Aur), Jurelang Zedkaia, Phillip Muller and Tony deBrum (Majuro), Mamoru Kabua (Ebon), Augustine Nakamura, and Adelbert Laukon (Arno).

P16 Results of 1995 Nitijela election In the 1995 election, four candidates ran unopposed: Litokwa Tomeing (Wotje), Henchi Balos (Kili/Bikini/Ejit), Kessai Note (Jabat) and Kunio Lemari (Wotho).