Japan funds bus for school

A ceremonial “key to the bus” is passed from Japan Ambassador Norio Saito to Long Island Elementary School Principal Elice Jibas at the recent handover ceremony. Photo: Eve Burns.

Japan Ambassador Norio Saito participated in the handover ceremony of a new school bus that Japan government funding purchased for Long Island Elementary School last week.

The $81,985 project was funded through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP). Top level Public School System officials joined the event, including PSS Commissioner Kanchi Hosia and Associate Commissioner Cassiano Jetnil, as well as Rairok United Church of Christ Assistant Pastor Carlson Timothy, Principal Elice Jibas, Vice Principal Bartin Naisher, and Harris Kaiko, PTA Chairperson.

Long Island Elementary School has been facing difficulties in providing transportation for students residing in distant areas since it has had no school bus of its own. Thanks to Japan’s GGP funding, the school has safe and reliable transportation for students between school and their homes, which the school hopes will improve students’ motivation and performance at school.

Ambassador Saito said the people and government of Japan are happy and honored to contribute to transportation for students to go to school safely. “Education is a necessary tool — as like passport — for your future,” he told the students.

Hosia thanked Japan for its long-term support for transportation for school children.

The Government of Japan launched the GGP in 1996 to respond to various development needs with schools and hospitals as well as local governments and NGOs in the RMI. As of October 2020, the Embassy has granted 151 GGP in the RMI.


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