Japan’s $6m for Sea Patrol

Japan Ambassador Tanaka Kazunari and Marshall Islands Foreign Minister Kalani Kaneko signed off on a Japan grant for the Sea Patrol program.

Japan is supporting the ongoing Sea Patrol Headquarters project in Delap with a multi-faceted grant which is worth over $6 million. The grant was confirmed by a signing of an Exchanges of Notes last Thursday by Japan Ambassador Tanaka Kazunari and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kalani Kaneko.

The first part of the project is $1.3 million for the improvement of access roads to Sea Patrol, which is also known as the Training and Operation Center for Maritime Security and Safety. The second part is about $5 million for heavy machinery for infrastructure development, which falls under Japan’s Economic and Social Development Program of 2022.

During the signing ceremony in the Cabinet Conference Room Ambassador Tanaka told participants that the projects are “to support RMI’s efforts for ‘Sustainable Oceans Based on the Rule of Law’, which is essential for the RMI.”

Minister Kaneko showed his gratitude to the ambassador “for the ongoing support to our provision of essential services to address sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviation in our islands.”


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