Wase heads RMI team for JEMFAC

The mid-year Joint Economic Management and Financial Accountability Committee (JEMFAC) will meet in Majuro this Friday to review US grant funding in preparation for the annual JEMFAC meeting that usually is held in August and approves annual grant funding from the US.

Leading the US delegation will be Nikolao Pula, director of the Interior Department’s Office of Insular Affairs, who chairs JEMFAC. Heading the RMI delegation will be Finance Minister Brenson Wase and Foreign Minister John Silk, a change from the Loeak Administration when secretary level officials represented the RMI in JEMFAC meetings.

Key issues on the agenda include reviewing US funding for Health, Education and Public Infrastructure, and the performance in these areas. Kwajalein is also expected to garner significant discussion, in particular the Ebeye water and sanitation project that is starting this month with financial support from the Compact, Australia and Asian Development Bank.

Read more about this in the April 8, 2016 edition of the Marshall Islands Journal.