Cola sales up with drought

Journal 2/15/1983

P1 Majuro drought continues, people digging wells The drought continues and people are taking measures to get by with less water. Old well are being cleaned up and new ones dug. Cola sales are booming. City water is scheduled to be on for one hour Tuesday and then will be off until Friday.

P1 Compact passing in Palau but Section 314 going down to defeat The Compact of Free Association in Palau is being approved by a margin of 55 percent to 44 percent, but the nuclear material question is being defeated 50 percent to 47 percent. It appears the nuclear material (Section 314) agreement will get the required 75 percent necessary to suspend Palau’s constitutional ban on nuclear weapons. Palauan officials have aid this means the Compact is dead. US officials have said the Compact cannot come into full effect without the Section 314 agreement and the Palauans must figure out how to solve the problem.

P4 Likrok to open to the public 18 February Majuro’s Likrok Restaurant and Entertainment Center opened its doors last Saturday night with an invitation-only party. Over 700 people showed up. Chuji Chutaro, the owner, made several opening remarks followed by a show consisting of Majuro jeptas and singing groups. Uliga Youth entertained with dancing and singing. Lobat and Walter’s jebtas from Laura gave excellent dancing and singing routines. Kabol Lol was there, as well as Labiroro, along with Lajellan Kabua’s singing group.

P8 Kwaj vote 22 Feb. Elections for the Kwajalein Atoll Local Government will take place on 22 February, according to Shiro Riklon, chief electoral officer. The mayoral candidates are Alvin Jacklick, Kunio Lemari and Sato Maie.

Journal 2/17/1995

P8 Pancake break Crystal Leviticus, Patricia Alfred, Letin Judah and Diane Binejal enjoyed their 25 cent pancakes at DAR restaurant this week. Said DAR business owner Charles Domnick, “What can I do? The price has been the same since the restaurant opened eight years ago. I’m losing money, but I know some of these kids rush off in the morning without breakfast and when they show up, I just can’t say the price has gone up.” Thanks, Charlie!

P14 Local leaders encourage outer islands small business projects Thirty outer islands women are in Majuro this week training to develop small business projects on their home islands in support of ongoing health promotion activities. The wives of health assistants and two young women peer educators from each island are participating in the Youth to Youth in Health-sponsored workshop. 

P17 Local students take first step to US military Under the Compact of Free Association, the US military offers a test each year to junior and senior high school students and the general public who are interested in serving in the armed forces. A couple of hundred young men and women turned out for the four-hour tests which were given at various locations Friday and Monday.

Journal 2/17/2006

P3 RMI to compete in Beijing Games The Marshall Islands has been making headline news around the world and for once the news has nothing to do with our nuclear legacy. The Marshall Islands buzz circulating through news wires is because on Friday, the Marshall Islands National Olympic Committee was given the “crown” of recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a status that now recognizes the RMI as the 203rd nation to join the Olympic Movement. The news was officially announced to RMI President Kessai Note by MINOC President Kenneth Kramer, Secretary General Terry Sasser, and MINOC members Wally Milne and Joseph Bigler.

P8 Study planned for water project The Japanese government is ready to fund another multi-million dollar project that will increase Majuro’s water holding capacity and allow water to be distributed to Laura. A five-member team led by the Japan International Cooperation Agency was in Majuro this month to sign off on the first phase of the project — which is a preliminary study of the project that aims to improve Majuro’s water supply by constructing a 30 million gallon water reservoir near Lojamwe Island.

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