Kili hit by high waves

Journal 2/1/1985

P1 Audit General report serves as foundation The Auditor General has submitted his second report to the Nitijela. Auditor General Brian Riordan stated in the report that RepMar accounts are almost all unauditable as a result of the “legacy of the Trust Territory.” He noted that RepMar “has never prepared comprehensive financial statements, and consequently, has never known to any degree its overall financial position.” He traces this problem directly to the inadequacies of the accounting procedures of the TT government. The Interior Department found that TT ledger trial balances for fiscal years 1980 and 1981 “were so unreliable that the Trust Territory declined to release them to auditors,” the report said. As a result, the TT has “never produced audible financial statements and consequently nor through any fault of its own, has RepMar.”

P6 First local cassette produced The first cassette tape of Marshallese music sung, recorded and produced in the Marshalls is out on the streets for your listening pleasure. Entitled “Kakije Iben Limited Corporation,” the new tape is by Betwel Lekka, Alan Jorkan, Esther Iaman, Tony Wase and Mobi Lorennij. The band is managed by Edinal Jorkan.

P10 Book Iv, Chap. 2 THE SPY: Again a blunder, a repetition of the word “shares.” A sure indictment hinged in there. And the police spy, Akio Heine, apparently not missing a word of it either. Nagel, the tall one, notices Akio scribbling onto a note pad and peers over the dividing board between the two booths…“I think this guy’s writing down everything we say — you know who he is?” cautions Nagel. The Black creeps up and peeps over the dividing barrier. Akio is still scribbling away. “It’s that Akio, the quiet one always slipping in the back door of the police station,” he reports once back in the huddle. “Let me grab his paper and check it out,” said Nagel…“Ah yes. Listen to this: ‘Turkey parts down at Robert’s store cost under fifty cents a pound.’”

Journal 1/31/1997

P1 No More Ms. Nice Girl US Ambassador Joan Plaisted said the progress made in recent years between the US and Marshall Islands governments should not be undermined by “public accusations and dangerous misstatements of half-truths.” In her opening remarks to the US-Marshall Islands meetings on nuclear test-related issues, the US ambassador said: The US is not responsible for healthcare of all 58,000 Marshallese; 177 Health Care fund must be brought under control; and the US is not obligated to provide more nuclear test compensation.

P1 Kili smashed by high waves Kili Island was smashed by high waves in the early morning hours Saturday. The freak high tide washed over parts of the small island, seriously damaging homes but causing no injuries. At least one large home was picked up and moved about 20 feet away from its original foundation by the force of the surging waves.

P3 ‘Another beautiful landmark for Majuro’ Unveiling the plaque, cutting the ribbons and tipping off the first basketball game officially opened the new Educational Cultural Center (ECC) in Delap Tuesday.

P14 New board Following the Marshalls Billfish Club’s annual meeting Tuesday this week, the new board lineup is: Chris Wolseley, Kenneth Kramer, Alex Bing, Baron Bigler, Dennis Reeder, Gerry Smith and Harry Doulatram.

P19 Not a get-rich-quick scheme There is good long-term business potential for breeding black lip pearl oysters in the Marshall Islands. But, after close to four years of research in the Marshall Islands, the representative of a Hawaii-based company says raising pearl oysters is definitely not a get-rich-quick-scheme. Establishing a hatchery is essential to building a pearl oyster industry here, said Dale Sarver, president of Black Pearls, Inc. in Hawaii, which is working with the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority to develop pearl farming here.

P20 Reservoir levels low as dry season hits As the captial heads into the heart of the dry season, the water company reported Tuesday that fresh water level has sunk below 10 million gallons for the first time in several months, which is about a 10-day supply at current usage.

Journal 2/8/2008

P1 Mega-bucks await action Will long-stalled multi-million dollar aid projects get moved up to the top of the new government’s agenda? The Japanese government hopes so. Several projects are stuck because of a deadlock over the top-priority project of a new reservoir for Majuro that is stalling other Japan aid projects waiting in line, including CMI classrooms.


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