Kwajalein expands missile testing

Journal 5/15/1981

P9 2,000 apply for housing aid About 2,000 applications were received by the Housing Division, Social Services Department, for the $1.5 million community development block grant as part of the recovery program from the late 1979 high waves that struck DUD area.

P12 AMI looking to the future The Airline of the Marshall Islands celebrates its first year of scheduled operations on May 13. AMI has seen a lot of changes since inception. The sales and administration office is now situated in the Majuro shopping area, while the new hangar is complete and equipped with the equipment necessary to carry out required maintenance on the two Nomad aircraft. The number of airports now being serviced has increased from six to 10.

Journal 5/14/1993

P1 Kwaj missile testing expansion targeted The US Army is proposing an expansion of missile testing that would lift Kwajalein by 1996 to a level of missile activity that it has not enjoyed since the heyday of US anti-missile tests in the early 1970s.

P1 Two packages worth millions found on Rongelap During last month’s routine survey of the northern islands, members of the RMI Nationwide Study found more than radiation. Dr. Steve Simon, director of the project, reported that while visiting the island of Naen on the northwest corner of Rongelap Atoll, survey members Renny Ohwilher and Helkena Anni found two waterproof packages on the beach containing a white powder substance. Similar packages found on Bikini in recent months were determined to contain pure heroin, valued at over a million dollars per package.

P3 10-year master plan to be carried forward The ADB’s $8 million loan for public schools “will carry forward what we already started with the 10-year master plan,” said Education Secretary Hilda Heine. “It will allow us to do what we couldn’t because of funding constraints.”

P11 Fast $25 The two eighth graders who won the boys’ and girls’ 100-meter dashes in Constitution Day races earned $25 each for their efforts. The Marshall Islands Journal provided the cash prizes to Teliji Laupepa and Melody Kaios, both of Rita Elementary.

P20 We’re number two Rita Elementary School students, with their principal Nallo Samson and secretary Maggie Peter, were treated to sodas after knocking off two Majuro private schools before coming in second place in the Majuro Quiz. Quiz team members were Rosie Marcos, Evangeline Clarence, Ivana Mista, Wanda Jack, Delane Samuel and Carol deBrum.

Journal 5/14/2004

P14 Outrigger canoe races The 25th Silver Anniversary Constitution Day competition featured numerous outrigger canoe competitions. Winning Class A National Cup was Captain Clena Clement on Wutlam owned by Mayor Jeimata Kabua. In second was Captain Mart James on Kakinono, owned by Kanchi Hosia and third place was won by Captain Sammy Abija on Liktaltol, owned by Albon Jelke.

P6 NCT fund at $5.8M From 1991 to May 7 this year, the Nuclear Claims Tribunal has awarded $84,070,250 in compensation for personal injury claims. Of that amount, the Tribunal has actually paid out $70,007,252.50. This leaves slightly over $14 million that is still owed to claimants by the Tribunal. As of April 12, the nuclear investment fund stood at $5.8 million, casting doubt on the ability of the Tribunal to fully pay all of the awards.