Kwajalein ‘is the gem’,

Journal 11/14/1986

P1 Soviets threaten UN veto
The Soviet Union is preparing to mount a challenge to the Marshalls and the Federated States of Micronesia Compacts and the Mariana Islands commonwealth when they come before the United Nations Security Council. “The territories must get full, unrestricted independence which is not the case under this trust territory agreement,” said Society Deputy Ambassador to the UN Vasiliy Safronchuk.

P3 Underwater boom looms here
Nearly a million tons of cobalt rich ferro manganese crust was studied last week on what is known as the Arno Seamount by a team of marine mineral research scientists from West Germany. The German research team studied seamounts near Arno and Mili. Samples of the seamounts were dredged, and analysis was conducted on the ship. The team expressed excitement about the samples taken from the Arno seamount, which were rich in manganese, cobalt and nickel.

Journal 11/13/1998

P1 Kwaj is the gem
Calling Kwajalein the “gem in the crown,” Lt. General John Costello predicted that the importance of the Kwajalein missile range will grow in the coming years as missile defense programs move to a more advanced level of testing.

P2 Chuji chooses community rather than profit
Marching in his own direction is nothing new for Chuji Chutaro. A former leader of the opposition in Nitijela in the early 1980s, Chutaro is used to doing what he believes in even if that isn’t what is considered the norm of the day. In money-conscious Majuro of the late 1990s, he’s taken another unusual step for a businessman and landowner. He’s provided — as a donation — a prime piece of land in downtown Majuro for use of a community organization. “Our idea,” said Chutaro talking about his family’s decision, “was to help a program that has helped the Marshallese people.” The family is providing property next to the High Court in Uliga for Youth to Youth in Health to construct a youth health center.

P19 Imata deflects Rien’s pitch
Jaluit Jaluit Senator Rien Morris fired a fastball at President Imata Kabua, but the president brushed off the brushback pitch as if it were nothing. The exchange took place Friday at the Nitijela. In reference to the investitation in Social Security, Morris asked if anyone — he specifically directed the pitch to the president — could confirm of deny if there are people living at the Outrigger Hotel who have had their accommodations paid for by the Social Security Administration but not under their real. Names? Is this true or false, he asked. The President responded by fouling off Morris’ delivery into the bullpen down the left field line. “The question is just to shoot me, and if I die, how can I answer the question?”

Journal 11/13/2009

P2 No system to deal with child neglect
An infant dies two days after being admitted to hospital. The cause of death: malnutrition and severe dehydration. Here is the question: Is this a crime? If we go by the official Nitijela response of: “there is no poverty in the Marshall Islands and people don’t go hungry,” then maybe a crime has been committed and parents should be brought in for questioning for child neglect. National Police Captain Vincent Tani believes that if a child or infant dies this isn’t normal and should be considered as a “suspicious death.” But from memory, Tani says that the police have never been called in to respond or investigate any cases of infant death due to malnutrition or dehydration.

P4 Ebeye gets A+ for immunization
The Majuro immunization coverage rate was stated as “92 percent” in the Ministry of Health’s fiscal year 2007 and 2008 report provided to the Nitijela on March 16 this year. But a just-issued report from the Planning Office states that Ebeye’s rate is actually higher at 98 percent, while Majuro is significantly lower than stated in the report, at 66.6 percent.

P9 MIMRA sets up PNA office
The new regional fishing headquarters being established in Majuro “will immediately put the RMI on the map as far as fisheries is concerned,” said MIMRA Director Glen Joseph.


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