Amata, Tony lead Majuro

Journal 11/18/1983
P9 Two new businesses open
A duo of businesses opened shop next door to each other in the past couple of weeks. First is Ace International Agencies, o;erased by Harry Doulatram. His downtown office is located just south of the Downtown Restaurant. Next to Harry’s is the newly opened Island Business Services. This computer-based service is operated by Bill Bezzant, formerly to Touche Ross & Co., a certified public accounting firm that has several clients in the Marshalls.

P14 chap. 33 And so I began my walking, a scant quarter-mile at most, past the out-jutted Ajidrik Movie Theater and the newly opened Pachinko Parlor: inside, crawling like trapped roaches, the youngsters pour themselves into the amusement boxes. And then comes the court of Clarence Tan, a Majuro version of a shopping mall featuring ABC Co. Uliga Store, Island Bargain Store, and also what is referred to locally as “balmy”: BOMI, the Bank if Marshall Islands. Inside the bank, quiet and reserved, the faithful employees await the return of Mr. Tan who is away on a trip. He is overdue: the first official brush with international fraud. We learn. Suddenly, my thoughts are interrupted: a police jeep pulls up on the wrong side of the road, a Suzuki jeep. It was the chief himself, Mello Anjak. “Malone,” he said as he extracted his leg and erected his five foot zero frame on the sidewalk, “I want to warn you to say nothing or we will hold it up you.” SAY NOTHING? ABOUT WHAT? later…

Journal 11/24/1995
P1 Newlyweds
Yumiko Yamaguchi and Jeremy Hicks were married in Honolulu last month. Yumiko is an Assumption High School grad who ran the popular Stone House takeout restaurant on Majuro, while Jeremy was the comptroller at Gibson’s Majuro.

P1 Peace Corps pulls out The US Peace Corps program will pull out of the Marshall Islands next June, almost 30 years to the day the first American Peace Corps Volunteers arrived in this country. “This agency is facing considerable budget pressure from the Congress and is being forced to make a number of difficult decisions,” said Margaret Goodman, Peace Corps’ Asia and Pacific director. “In addition, the difficulties which Peace Corps has faced over the years in the recruiting appropriate volunteers and encouraging them to remain in the Marshall Islands for the full two-tear tour are factors which were part of our decision to suspend the program.”

P15 Amata, Tony lead Majuro Still very preliminary results as of late Wednesday, with all of Majuro votes counted — but only a few Majuro absentees — Amata Kabua was the top vote-getter with more than 1,500, with Tony deBrum just a few votes behind. Phillip Muller was solidly in third with more than 1,300, Jurelang Zedkaia was just five votes behind in the fourth spot, and the fifth seat looked up for grabs with Wilfred Kendall about 50 votes ahead of Jorelik Tibon and 60 ahead of Alik Alik.

Journal 11/24/2006
P6 RMI exodus intensifies International air passenger movement data from the US Department of Transportation TranStats Database shows that net outbound passenger from the RMI have doubled in recent years, suggesting strongly that out-migration has sharply intensified. A total of 16,397 passengers arrived at Majuro and Kwajalein airports in 2005, while a total of 17,420 passengers departed. This means that over 1,000 more people departed than arrived and indicates that out-migration is again on an upward trajectory.

P24 Erakdrik takes out first in table tennis Look out Tuesday’s Tuna Tennis Tourney crew, because the Marshall Islands Table Tennis Federation is gearing up to hold regular table tennis tourneys. In their first-ever tournament at the ECC in Delap last Friday in celebration of President’s Day, Collin Erakdrik beat Wilson Lokijje in the final round to win first place.


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