Less ship visits to collect copra

TW-pic-10-9Journal 10/8/1976

P3 Ponape prepares for new Micro capital A Special Joint Task Force was created in Ponape to study and make recommendations as to where the site of the capital of Micronesia should be located.

P6 Betel nut banned in US, Guam The traffic of betel nuts in the US is prohibited, according to William Hill, US Food and Drug Administration director. He said betel nuts are prohibited because their prolonged use has been linked to cancer of the mouth and throat. In Micronesia, however, it enjoys a continuing popularity.

Journal 10/12/1990

P1 $44 million deal flies The Marshall Islands government has signed a letter of intent to buy two Saab airplanes, with an option clause to purchase two more. The four-plane deal could be worth up to $44 million.

P13 Majuro’s fishing base to get moving The Majuro fishing base, which has been used little since it was built by Japan five years ago, will see some action later this month as a new Marshalls-Hawaii joint venture fishing company goes into operation. In related developments, the government and tuna giant StarKist last week signed a letter of intent to pursue talks aimed at a major fishing complex here, while a San Diego firm known as LMR is set to start a study on the feasibility of building a tuna transshipment port in Majuro.

P21 FSM says it will fix immigration problem A top Federated States of Micronesia official said the FSM will change its immigration policies toward Marshall Islanders, according to Foreign Minister Tom Kijiner. Asterio Takesi, the FSM’s external affairs secretary, told Marshall Islands officials that the FSM had “broken” the terms of a treaty between the two nations, Kijiner said. Marshall Islands foreign officials have been concerned with treatment that Marshallese have received when they travel to FSM states or attempt to get a job in the FSM. Takesy made a commitment to see to it that the problems do not happen again.

P24 Rainfall barely keeps up with Majuro demand Rainfall has not been enough to build up an adequate cushion so strict water rationing is still in effect. There were four million gallons of water in the reservoir and another two million on the runway. This amounts to barely a 10-day supply of fresh water. “Rainfall is way below the average for this time of year,” said Bernie Cotter, MWSC manager.

Journal 10/15/1999

P10 Shipping crisis continues: copra continues downward trend Ailinglaplap and Ebon tell the story of copra woes in the Marshall Islands: Since a year ago October, Ailinglaplap — normally either first or second in production in the RMI — received just one ship visit to collect copra. Ebon, another strong copra producing atoll, received just two visits in the past 12 months.

P24 Hiroshi to UN: Increased aid needed for sustainable development The Marshall Islands needs greater international aid to meet sustainable development needs of the nation, Internal Affairs Minister Hiroshi Yamamura told a Special Session of the United Nations.

P24 The joys of technology Not even the isolation of the Central Pacific can keep the information highway from making its impact on theMarshall Islands. The headquarters of the Marshalls Billfish Club tournament at Uliga Dock last month was fully equipped as Dan Fitzpatrick, Charls Stinnett, Don Hess and Ben Graham coordinated the event using radios, cell phones, digital cameras, laptop computers and printers. But when you reap the benefits the age of technology brings, you can also encounter the pitfalls — CRASH! “Oh no, I’ve lost the file…call in the boats! Did anyone back up those winning records?”