Lib moves into high gear

Lib Island Member of Paliament Joe Bejang, center, the Lib team and Red Cross, Lands and Surveys, EPA, and NTA staff on the dock and ready to leave for Lib April 19. Photo: Hilary Hosia.


By the time of this publication, Lib Parliament Member Joe Bejang and a unique group of go-getters have begun working on “operation Lib safe passage.”

The team, which includes the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Land and Survey Division from the Ministry of Works, Infrastructure and Utilities, National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) and Marshall Islands Red Cross Society departed Majuro this past Sunday on MV Moriba 1.

The chartered trip left Majuro with over 90 cement bags to be used as foundation of the soon-to-be-erected NTA tower — the whole tower (in multiple parts) and three satellite disks were onboard the vessel. The two-man team from NTA will also conduct repairs on the DAMA communications system.

Initial study for the ocean pass and socioeconomic assessments for future projects will be conducted by the EPA three-man team. The team will also issue out sanitation buckets for the community, same buckets used in Majuro for Covid-19 prevention.
Before the team returns to Majuro next week, 25 locals would have been trained and certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by two members of the MIRCS, along with other community response training for the island.

MP Bejang also acquired three solar street lights from the National Energy Office, along with water filters from the Kora in Okrane (KIO) club, seedlings from the agriculture wing under the Ministry of Commerce and Natural Resources.

“We are grateful for RMI’s partnership with the Republic of China, Taiwan,” Bejang said as 29 piglets from the Taiwan Technical Mission and a large shipment of rice from a container storage from the Ministry of Finance were loaded onto MORIBA 1.
Bejang also added that his entire Nitijela representation compensation for Lib Island was spent on food, down to the last dime, he said.

Bejang acknowledged the assistance from the Kili-Bikini-Ejit local government, namely Vice Speaker Peterson Jibas and Sweetland Note.

Supplies and equipment left from former Mayor Odrikawa Jatios’s administration also went on the trip to continue work done initiated by Odrikawa.

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