Local Police going loco?

Journal 5/3/1985

P1 Rongelap radiation danger exaggerated? With the Rongelap Atoll evacuation day fast approaching, US government officials have suddenly begun to pooh-pay the islanders’ fear of continued radiation exposure, arguing that the atoll is safe for habitation. “We see no radiological or medical reason to move,” said Andy Wilson, a US official who has been involved in the Enewetak replanting and recently announced that coconuts grown on Enewetak’s northern islands are too radioactive to eat. Interior and Energy Department officials began criticizing the resettlement plan as the Rongelap story began hitting the front pages of newspaper in the US, Europe and the Pacific. 

P1 Constitution Day 1985 Under a brilliant blue sky and a blazing hot sun, the police honor guard led a spirited parade May 1from the high school to Rita Elementary School celebrating the sixth anniversary of the constitutional government in the Marshall Islands.

P18 Taking charge Ann Marie Shoniber, an Assumption senior, delivered a thoughtful statement on behalf of the young people participating in last week’s Youth Take-Over of government. Addressing the Nitijela and students, she observed that “as youth of the Marshall Islands, we are concerned with our future and the future of our islands. In order to grow into leadership positions in years to come, we need to learn as much as we can about how our government works — how it fits into our lives — and what we can do to help our country grow and develop.”

Journal 5/2/1997

P1 Locals go loco In the early morning hours of Sunday morning, the local police department maced the entire patronage — well over 100 people — at The Pub, according to eyewitnesses. Shortly after 3am, the local police closed the sale of alcohol at the bar, then evacuated their offices into waiting police vehicles. Minutes later, one or more of the officers walked through The Pub spraying mace and then climbed into the waiting police trucks and sped off just as the first  persons started spilling out from The Pub gagging and throwing up from the mace.

P3 Tastes great, less costly When funding for school feeding programs ended more than a year ago, most local elementary schools closed the doors of their kitchens and cafeterias. Currently, only some private schools offer lunch programs. And even those are hard pressed to make ends meet financially. Ministry of Internal and Social Welfare nutritionist Ione deBrum led a workshop last week for cooks from private schools combining cooking demonstration, nutrition information and programs on gardening — the latter to help the schools supplement their menu offerings. 

P12 US priority: Ban cyanide The US Embassy expressed concern about the spreading use of cyanide by fishermen, saying that this process not only kills many of the targeted fish as well as non-targeted fish, it also destroys corals. 

Journal 5/2/2008

P1 WASC impressed with CMI turnaround Top American accreditation officials visiting earlier this week were highly complimentary of the College of the Marshall Islands’ progress in meeting accreditation requirements.

P1 Enewetak’s new Lady A new inspiration for Enewetak/Ujelang and the entire RMI arrived on Friday — Enewetak/Ujelang Local Government’s new vessel, MV Lady E. A 165-foot ship, it has two cranes for lifting cargo and containers. Lady E will provide much-needed cargo and passenger service for Enewetak and also other far-flung islands in RMI.

P3 Training phase at loining plant Pan Pacific Foods joining plant is up and running, with 234 Marshallese workers now in training in various parts of the plant. Operations are expected to step up significantly later in May.

P11 Olympic athletes named for Games Five Marshall Islands athletes will get their 15 minutes — or 30 sends — of prime time at the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing, China this August. The Marshall Islands National Olympic Committee announced its delegation this week, with sprinters Roman Cress and Haley Nemra, tae kwon do black belt Anju Jason and simmers Jared Heine and Julianne Kirchner the athletes who will make history when their competitions start in Beijing August 9.


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