Locals fix their own runway

Journal 7/25/1975

P1 Palauan ultimatum? Loved it in Marshalls The Micronesian Constitutional Convention was confronted Friday with a tough, take-it or leave-it position from the Palau delegation. The Palau delegation will support the unity of Micronesia “if, and only if” all of their terms are included in the draft Micronesian constitution., said delegate Johnson Toribiong. The first set of Palauan proposals spelled out an extremely loose confederation of districts that would be recognized as “the basic political unit of government” and the central government would be limited to those powers granted to it by the people of the districts. Reaction in the Marshalls to the list of demands was swift: they loved it. Congressman Ataji Balos said he thought “what the Palauans did was good,” and Senator Amata Kabua labeled the action “beautiful.”

P3 HiCom signs new salary bill Trust Territory High Commissioner Edward E. Johnston has signed into law a bill to provide a new salary schedule with respect to Trust Territory government employees. The new law establishes a minimum wage of 80 cents per hour, up from the present 61 cents.

Journal 7/24/1992

P6 Misinformed Calling up Air Mike in Honolulu to reconfirm a ticket back to Majuro got a strange answer from the agent. He says we needed to have our military clearance ID papers ready for check in to Majuro. When we responded that military clearance was needed only for Kwajalein, he said, “no, the computer says Majuro is a military installation, too.”

P9 Jaluit set to re-open runway After seven months with no air service, Jaluit Atoll may get the green light from Air Marshall Islands following a test landing this week. The community took matters in hand to fix their own runway, according to AMI.

P21 New prosecutor The Marshall Islands new chief prosecutor is Californian Allan Lolly. He respond to what he described as “an obscure ad” in a legal newsletter, sending in a letter of application on “a lark.” Attorney General Dennis McPhillips took it seriously enough, interviewed Lolly in San Francisco and hired him. The new prosecutor arrived in mid-June just in time to successfully argue the Uliga gang rape case — his first case in the High Court.

P23 DAR Navy? Charles Domnick is salvaging the old patrol vessel “Ion Meto” to service his construction projects on Wotje Atoll and for charters. The boat is currently dry docked behind Uliga dock awaiting a coat of paint and some work on the engines.

Journal 7/18/2003

P8 Super seven Majuro Chamber of Commerce’s executive members are Daniel Kramer, Don Hess, Jessica Reimers, Dolores deBrum-Kattil, Danny Muno, Kirt Pinho, and Bobo Aliven.

P13 Police call for help on mental patients Both Majuro and Ebeye police are facing what they term a growing public safety problem from people who are suffering from various levels of mental illness. The primary problem, they report, is the lack of facilities for holding individuals who at times may present a threat to the community.