Loeak crowned iroojlaplap

Iroojlaplap Christopher Jorebon Loeak during the coronation event at Uliga Protestant Church on November 11. Sitting to his left is Rev. Herbert Langijota. Photo: Hilary Hosia.
Rev. Bender Loeak, son of Christopher Loeak’s older brother the late Iroojlaplap Anjua Loeak, places the crown on the new iroojlaplap’s head during the coronation ceremony.
Photo: Chewy Lin.


Christopher Jorebon Loeak was officially crowned paramount chief following his coronation ceremony at the United Church of Christ last Saturday.

Hundreds in attendance and thousands more via the National Telecommunication Authority livestream witnessed Loeak being ordained on the alter by UCC Reverend Herbert Langijota.

Reverend Langijota presented a Bible and Hymn to Loeak on behalf of UCC President Lawson Matauto and his congregation prior to the coronation.

In attendance were royal families from both the Ralik and Ratak Chains, along with Parliament members, members of the diplomatic corps, private sector, relatives and general public.

Although President David Kabua was off island for the Pacific Islands Forum summit, Acting President Hiroshi Yamamura was present as head of delegation for the RMI government.

“The ceremony today is not only dedicated to me and my wife, but for all of us,” Loeak said in his gratitude speech. Loeak went ahead and said preservation of traditions is a collective responsibility needed for the continuance of the Marshallese culture.

Entertainment and a massive feast was held later the same evening at the International Conference Center.

Traditionally, there are four domains in the Ralik Chain and Loeak now holds the Iroojlaplap title for the Loeak and Litokwa domains.

A large delegation representing Iroojlaplap Mike Kabua’s domain from Kwajalein — decked out in bright green catered in ushering, preparation and entertainment for the event. Even members of the US Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll attended the event.


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