Lojkar resort construction finished in 6 days

Journal 3/6/1981

P1 Ebadon Tot airfield dedicated Ebadon Island, located at the far northwest corner of the world’s largest atoll, Kwajalein, has now join the Air Age. The 2,000 foot compared coral runway of Ebadon Tot Airfield was dedicated February 28 by top officials of the Marshall Islands government, the Kwajalein Missile Range, and Global Associates, logistics contractor for the Army.

P5 JHS: Good buildings but… Presently there are two public high schools in the Marshalls — Marshall Islands High School and Jaluit High School, located on Jabor. Campus-wise, the JHS campus is perhaps better than any other high school campus in the Marshalls. It was trees, lawn and some of the better buildings in all of Micronesia. Academically, JHS is perhaps not that good yet. But because the campus is beautiful, the school can attract good teachers and thus can become a good school. JHS enrollment for this year is 347, according to JHS Acting Principal Abner Lemae.

P9 Prices high on outer islands You’re supposed to spend less money in the outer islands. This is true until you go to the store to buy the things you need. That’s when this becomes a falsehood. A $20 bill entitles you to only a handful of items — far less that if you buy the same items in an already high priced Majuro or Ebeye store.

P9 Navy man returns with pictures Retired Navy Captain Sherman Wengard showed slide of Majuro 36 years ago — 1944-45 — at the Marshall Islands Alele. A crowd of about 200 at Alele’s first formal function showed how Majuro looked during the American occupation and was delighted by the pictures of many who are now 36 years older.

Journal 3/5/1993

P1 Develop outer islands The Marshall Islands Develop Authority has a new mandate and a new manager as it shifts to full time business promotion. Justin deBrum, a former consul for the Marshalls in Hawaii, took over as manager of MIDA and follows the Cabinet’s policy change devoting MIDA’s attention to private sector development, small business promotion focused on the outer islands and funding of Compact-related project.

P6 Malnutrition rampant despite ample money It might be called the “Cheeseball Generation,”that unfortunate and large group of children who suffer malnutrition. Both Ebeye and Mauuro hospitals have established special nutrition clinics and have organized systematic follow up for malnourished babies in an effort to get a grip on a problem that continues to plague the Marshalls. “There are a lot of malnourished babies and children on Ebeye,” said Dr. Salvador Serano, the medical director of the Ebeye Community Health Center.

P19 PII erects 3-story apartment complex in record 6 days
American Army and constructions officials flew to Majuro on a special flight from Kwajalein Monday to see first hand the new Lojkar Village Resort that Pacific International crews built in six days. “They wouldn’t believe me that we erected the complex in six days,” said PII COE Jerry Kramer. “They questioned the local workers to verify that it had actually gone up so fast.”

Journal 3/5/2004

P3 Likiep ready to file claim Islanders from Likiep and Ailuk want to explode the ‘myth’ that only four atolls were exposed by US nuclear tests. Ailuk Senator Maynard Alfred and Likiep Minister Donald Capelle said their atolls were affected just like the other islands. “Ailuk has been neglected over the past 50 years,” Alfred said, adding that Ailuk has just filed a claim for land damages with the Nuclear Claims Tribunal. “Likiep wants its day in court,” Capelle said. “We’re ready to file a claim with the Tribunal.” US reports show that both received fallout exposure, but neither have been acknowledged as radiation “exposed” by the US government.