Majuro benefits from Taiwan gifts

President David Kabua and Taiwan Ambassador Jeffrey Hsiao, center, joined with Majuro Mayor Ladie Jack, Majuro Nitijela Members, MALGov council people, MALGov workers, Taiwan Embassy representatives for the handover of the fire truck and them garbage truck. Photo: Hansen Kaisha.

Taiwan Ambassador Jeffrey SC Hsiao, on behalf of the Taipei City government and Chiayi County government, handed over a reconditioned fire truck and garbage truck to the Majuro Atoll Local Government late last month.
In addition, the ambassador donated six new firefighter suits to MALGov’s fire department on behalf of the the Rotary D-3470 Club of Chiayi West in Taiwan.
Marshall Islands President David Kabua, Minister of Finance Brenson Wase, Nitijela Members Stephen Phillip, Kalani Kaneko and Tony Muller, and Majuro councilmen attended the handover ceremony.
“The handover ceremony is a vivid example of ‘Love From Taiwan’ to the Republic of the Marshall Islands,” Ambassador Hsiao said in his remarks. “With the efforts of the government and civil organizations of ROC/Taiwan, citizens of Majuro could enjoy safer and better living conditions, and the brave firefighters could continue to serve with these protective suits.”
Hsiao then announced that $25,000 from the government of Taiwan would be donated to the MALGov for covering the shipping cost of the two vehicles.
Majuro Mayor Ladie Jack expressed his heartfelt gratitude toward the government of Taiwan and the Rotary D-3470 Club of Chiayi West. He also emphasized that the donation of the fire truck and firefighter suits would help the fire unit of MALGov to fulfill their duty, and the garbage truck, the third one donated by Taiwan, would soon be operated by the Majuro Atoll Waste Company to serve Majuro citizens.
The handover ceremony highlighted the achievement of the cooperation between the government and the civil society organizations. Taiwan will continue to work with the Marshall Islands, on the basis of cordial relationship and reciprocity, to enhance the friendship of the two countries, said the ambassador.


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