Majuro in a power crisis

Journal 7/12/1985

P3 Results of fishing tournament The Third Annual Fishing Tournament saw two marlin caught the first day: One weighed in at 319 pounds and was caught by Misao Capelle’s boat Fu Manchu, the other was 184 pounds caught by Minister Atjang Paul. The second day, Ronnie Reimers landed a winning wahoo that weighed 54 pounds. Vincent Reimers finished off the bottom fishing with a total of 573 pounds. Second place went to Blumer Sibok with 298 pounds and Joe Ayuyu of Bank of Guam had 288 pounds for third. Over 12,000 pounds of fish (3,000 of bottom fish) had been caught by 38 boats entered in the tournament. Selina Nashion was Miss Billfish 1985. At the awards banquet, Tony deBrum was master of ceremonies. The Reverend Bwera and the Repentant Reefrunner’s Cheech and Chong routine of a master fisherman and translator was appreciated by all who heard them.

P13 TT HQ to get Wang for what? And for the non-story award of the year, we give you the following information: As reported recently in Pacific Daily News, the Wang computer is replacing the IBM computer in the Trust Territory Headquarters. All well and good as that goes, except when tied to a second piece of information proposed by the Reagan Administration and expected to bear fruition this coming October: The Trust Territory Headquarters is about to be replaced also. And what are they replacing the Trust Territory Headquarters with? The Trust Territory Headquarters is going to be replaced with nothing. That about says it.

P15 CCM graduates Marshalls graduates AA degrees: Roselina David, Tone Herkinos, Wanbwe Jeik, Nabi Kong, Aluka Rakin and Ribon Rubon. AS degrees: Judith Lokboj, Maize Luke, Petry Rakin and Gary Ueno; Third year Special Education certificates: Ruthiran Lokeijak and Clarence Luther.

P16 Resie takes another trophy Resie, a 30-year-old native of the Marshall Islands who now lives in Port St. John, Florida with her husband Roger didn’t even know what darts were seven years ago. Now, she is addicted. “I love it,” she said. “The first time I ever threw darts, I said to my husband, ‘It looks like this is going to be my sport because I feel like I been throwing them for years.’” That first time was seven years ago and since then Resie and Roger met in 1977 when Roger was working with Global Associates at Kwajalein and married a year later. —from the Star-Advocate, Florida

Journal 7/11/1997

P1 Loan’s in the bag Marshalls Energy Company general manager Billy Roberts returned to Majuro last week with the US government loan literally “in the bag”  — a 35 pound duffle bag, to be exact. The US Federal Financing Bank has approved the $12 million loan for the new power plant and distribution upgrade in Majuro, and is waiting for MEC officials to sign off on the loan documents, which fill a suitcase, Roberts said.

P12 Biggest bill for Ben There was no record breaking billfish caught during the July tournament this year despite the fact that OK Davis and the Keith Henry team struggled with a monster fish for over two and a half hours on Saturday. As it happens, a 224 pound and 145 pound marlin caught by Ben Reimers and the No Name Boat crew earned the young angler the Mayor’s trophy with a winning total of 529 total pounds trolling and first and second place marlin. Redmond Simeon managed to pull in a marlin on both days of the competition to secure his first President’s Cup win. Ronnie Reimers jumped from fifth to second place in the Cup race with some great fishing over the weekend and walked away with an armful of trophies after the awards banquet Monday at the Lanai. Miss Billfish was Aoi Ogawa.

Journal 7/11/2008

P3 We’re in an emergency The Marshall Islands declared a state of economic emergency Thursday afternoon to fast-track domestic energy reduction and cost-cutting measures, while lending weight to appeals to donor countries for help. Despite three electricity tariff increases since January, “the national power utilities are protected to face an estimated shortfall of $17.5 million to $21 million over the next 12 months assuming the global trends continues,” said President Litokwa Tomeing in a national broadcast statement Thursday. There is enough diesel on island to keep the lights on until the end of August. But MEC has already warned the Cabinet that it cannot come up with the $8.5 million needed by next month to pay for last month’s diesel shipment.

P15 Anja’s year, Scott’s tourney MEC Britts Too skipper Anja Antakbon was the hands-down winner of the 2007-08 President’s Cup with 3,713 points, 836 points ahead of Kyle Aliven. But it was slim pickings for fish in MBC’s 26th tournament. There were no qualifying billfish the first day, but MEC Brits Too mange to bring a crowd pleaser in the shape of a 106-pound yellowfin. Day two and the weighing in was well underway and still no qualifying bills. Then, at last, Scott Howe’s Patumahoe delivered the goods and the crowd cheered as the crane slowly hauled up a 305 pound Pacific blue marlin — good enough to win the tourney. 


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