Marose makes history

TW-pic-4-29Journal 5/2/1974

P1 Will Tinian have a choice? With a plebiscite scheduled for June 17, and the choices being whether to forever become an American commonwealth or remain part of the Trust Territory, many islanders on Tinian feel they will be “forced” by voters on other islands in the Marianas to carry the military burden. The reason promises of economic aid from the United States. If 55 percent of Marianas voters approve the commonwealth plan, the 14 strategically located islands of the Marianas will permanently give up their sovereignty, and control over land and laws. The plan also includes giving the US military “full and unrestricted use” of over 18,000 acres of land on three islands, with military activities concentrated on Tinian.

P2 Palau first with reef fishing plan Palau has become the first district to have a master plan for the development of the physical infrastructure for reef fisheries, according to Cisco Uludong, manager of the Palau Fishing Authority.

Journal 5/3/1991

P22 MALGov swears in 29 police officers Last month the National Police Commissioner Paul Tonyokwe swore in 29 men and women as members of MALGov police. These included Director Ladie Jack, new Sheriff Wedmond Langrine, and police women Cathrina Wilson and Ester Zedkeiah, who can arrest both men and women.

P29 Recovered Neal Skinner was standing in front of a boat salvaged by Matt Holly earlier this week. Holly said he saw it in 85 feet of water while he was surveying the “truck park” near Ejit.

Journal 5/5/2000

P1 Hands off the courts Marshall Islanders have to insure that the court’s constitutional right to act independently is not violated by political leaders, President Kessai Note said in remarks at the swearing in of Supreme Court Chief Justice Allen Fields Wednesday. “During the past 20 years, we’ve seen the independence of the judiciary chipped away by personal interests involved in the judicial system,” he said. “It’s incumbent upon ourselves — the citizens of the RMI — to return to the judiciary its rightful authority and power so it can exercise its independent responsibility under the constitution.”

P3 History maker Majuro Middle School teacher Marose Aster coached the boys team of the first elementary school league championship, beating a tough Co-Op School team 2 games to 1. She’s the only woman coaching basketball in Majuro.

P20 Senator’s trip to home island ‘an emotional experience’ Senator Abacca Anjain-Maddison’s brief return to Rongelap last week, her first visit in 25 years — rekindled hopes that the displaced islanders will be able to return in the foreseeable future. “People really want to go back,” Anjain-Maddison said this week. “But they are still scared about radiation.” She said it was “a very emotional experience to step onto Rongelap for the first time in a long while.” Most islanders haven’t been there since at least 1985.

P24 Ready for action Norbert Reimers and Kalmar Latak’s 65 foot boat Ekonak, formerly called Sunrise, is ready for business after three-months work, and will next week take its first charter of passengers and goods to Arno after being blessed in Port Majuro last weekend.