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Journal 12/19/1986

P1 Bing’s new Jenrok store open
The Althea Bing Company opened its new store last Saturday in Jenrok village.The beautiful new store is located across from the high school in what used to be the ABC wholesale warehouse. It compliments two other ABC stores in Rita and Delap. The company started operating April 2, 1973 and has grown into one of Majuro’s leading retail and wholesale companies.

P2 Compact parade
The Ailin Kein Ad political party held a rally and parade last Saturday celebrating the implementation of the Compact. A barbecue highlighted the event at Mieco Beach after the parade.

P4 Prisoners unhappy with jail grub
The prisoners at Majuro jail are unhappy with the food they are getting and have sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice requesting assistance in making improvements at the jail. The 21 prisoners signing the letter, which was copied to the President, said the food served not only lacks nutritional value but is “extremely unsanitary.” In addition, they said that the plastic food containers provided “are not been washed properly with soap leaving odors of the past meals sticking and smell or taste of the meals is sickening.”

P10 Treaty cements US relations
A State Department official says the US tuna fishing agreement with 16 Pacific countries is “an investment in our long-standing historic role” in the South Pacific and not simply a response to Soviet overtures to the island states of the region.

P16 Tracking Amelia Earhart’s trail to Mili The search for Amelia Earhart continues in the Marshall Islands. Last week a team of five searchers from Texas led by Buddy Brennan tried to answer a few of the lingering questions about what happened to Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan. They chartered AMI to talk with old-timers in Mili Atoll who reportedly saw Earhart and Noonan board a Japanese ship there in 1937.

P22 Up a creek
Majuro was down to its last egg this past week with RRE and Gibson’s out completely. Good thing it wasn’t Easter time or we sure would have had some complaints from disgruntled Easter Bunnies. Speaking of critical shortages, the word I got is that Ebeye was out of disposable diapers last week. Talk about being up a s…creek without a pamper. —Grant Gordon

Journal 12/18/1998

P1 ‘Chinese’ are not 2nd class citizens
Children born to naturalized citizens, including those who bought RMI passports, are Marshallese citizens, the High Court declared Monday. RMI Immigration was directed Monday by High Court Chief Justice Dan Cadra to issue a Marshallese passport to the baby child of former Chinese citizens naturalized through the purchase of RMI passports.

P2 Japanese calls residency program a fraud
The Marshall Islands government was sued in the High Court Friday by a Japanese who said he was defrauded by a government “permanent residency” scheme. The RMI government made “false and misleading” claims in its advertising of a permanent residence program for Japanese, said Yoshiaki Mizukami in a complaint filed by attorney David Strauss.

P14 2 new Marshallese doctors licensed to practice
The two newest licensed doctors in the Marshall Islands were honored in a ceremony on Monday at Majuro hospital. The successful completion of their internship by Drs. Tom Jack and Zackraias Zackraias also led to their receiving an immediate raise from the Public Service Commission.

Journal 12/18/2009

P1 RMI seeks N-money
The chairman of the Senate Energy Committee will introduce legislation to fund nuclear testing-related healthcare and other benefits but not compensation, according to a Senate staff member. “Senator Bingaman has agreed to reintroduce, at the request of President Zedkaia, the text of S. 1756 as it was introduced in the last Congress,” said Energy Committee majority staff member Allen Staymen.


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