Matson adds new service?

Journal 4/12/1983

P1 New 177: $150 million up front While President Amata Kabua went to Honolulu last month to present an independence proposal to the United States what resulted was a working draft of a new agreement on nuclear weapons testing claims and potentially new life for Compact of Free Association. RepMar sources say what developed was a new attempt to satisfy the compensation demands of the various radiation-affected groups. The key change is that the US will pay the entire $150 million proposed in the previous 177 subsidiary agreement  in the first year. The money would be invested in US securities at current interest rates of 10-13 percent. 

Journal 4/14/1995

P3 Shocking video of underwater pollution An informal meeting sponsored by Sea Patrol was held in their conference room last Friday to discuss the increase in pollution to Majuro lagoon, in particular the Delap Dock area, and to explore avenues of cooperation among various agencies. Representatives of various organizations watched footage of video taken underwater and on the surface by diver Matt Holly. He documented extensive dumping of organic and inorganic waste which included the proverbial kitchen sink. 

P15 Air, sea pact seen by May Officials from the Marshalls, Tuvalu, Kiribati and Nauru governments met over the weekend to draft agreements for sub-regional cooperation among the four countries.

P17 8th grade honor rolls Majuro Coop School Derek Milne, Ingrid Kabua, Melissa Kramer; Ebeye SDA Kivoli Lauti, Jewon Lemari, Lenson Samson, Leah Milne, Jalle Bolkeim, Cellyn Anej.

P18 Rongelap’s northern islands are resettlement hazard The radiation dose that people will receive living on Rongelap Island will exceed the agreed-to limit unless remedial action is taken to make the island safe for habitation, a scientific report on Rongelap concluded. The report, part of the Rongelap Resettlement Project, was issued late last year by scientists Keith Baverstock, Bernd Franke and Steven Simon.

Journal 4/14/2006

P1 Muller sees end to fund’s freeze Marshall Islands businesses are reeling from a two-month freeze on government’s General Fund spending. But RMI Chief Secretary Bobby Muller told the Majuro Chamber of Commerce Wednesday the freeze on spending should be lifted soon, as the government’s cash flow is recovering. Muller said the government went into the news fiscal year that started October 1 facing a $3.5 million deficit from last year, and having to fork out $1.4 million to Mobil for Majuro and Ebeye fuel bills. “We are in a fiscal crisis,” he said. “The $3.5 million deficit had to be paid from somewhere.

P3 Matson to double freight service? Matson Navigation is proposing a major change to its shipping service to the Marshall Islands. Gary North, the company’s senior vice president for the Pacific, visited Majuro and Kwajalein for the fist time last week to float the new proposal and gauge customer reaction. Matson currently provides a Honolulu-Marshall Islands service every 28 days. A new plan being considered by Matson would increase service to every 14 days, with shipping from Guam.

P6 Off the air Two popular V7AB radio shows, and the only ones broadcast live, were taken off the air by the government radio station last month. The Wednesday night “Moonlight Awa,” which had been on the air for four years, and a ladies lunchtime talk show, that was launched late last year, were halted by Ministry of Internal Affairs management. The live broadcast format didn’t fit the requirement that all radio programs need to be reviewed before they go on the air.

P15 Sworn in Happy parents Philomena and Vincent Muller joined their daughter Arsima Muller and Chief Justice Carl Ingram for Arsima’s formal swearing in Monday at the High Court. This enables her to practice law in the RMI. Muller recently returned from the US after completing her law degree.

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